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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Earlier today, Prada and Louie had encounters with dinosaurs!  It all started out very innocently by running around in the back yard chasing each other.  They were enjoying the sunshine and lite breeze.  When they got tired, they walked over to the fountain and sat beside it so a little mist would fall on them.  Louie soon got bored and walked over to the other side of the yard and sat in the shade under the bench.  Hope was sitting beside me while I read a magazine.  I looked up and happened to see a lizard on the tree beside Prada.  It is always in that tree and scares me every time I walk past to get to the water hose.  I don't think he is being aggressive towards me...  I think he is just curious of me.  (And possibly hyper because he is always on the move.)
He was on the move again today trying to climb to the edge of a branch when he fell to the ground...right beside Prada.  She stared at T-Rex (aka the lizard). He stared back. He moved to the left.  She moved to the left.  He moved to the right.  She ran! ... toward me.  She looked back, stuck her nose in the air, and stiffed towards her attacker.  She s-l-o-w-l-y walked back to the scene of the attack.  T-Rex was still there...she moves a little closer.  This scared him, so he jumped up on the tree.  She began barking which sent T-Rex up the tree to blend in with the leaves.  Although she had won the fight, she immediately came running back to me for me to pick her up.  
After things settled down, I happened to see something out of the corner of my eye...2 pigeons sitting on the fence.  They flew over to the bird feeder, but realized that it was empty.  So, they hopped down to the ground to see if other birds had dropped some seeds.  After eating the left-over seeds, they began to wobble around looking for more.  They start walking over to the bench which Louie was still under.  He had fallen asleep and didn't know that pterodactyls (he's so small, so they seem so big) were closing in on him.  When they get right up on him, he wakes up...jumps...barks...and high-tails it over to me.  All of this movement sent the birds flying back to the fence.  He s-l-o-w-l-y walks to the fence where they are.  Looks at them.  And then barks.  When they didn't move, he started barking louder.  Finally, after no movement from the pterodactyls, he considered them a "no threat" but ran to the back door wanting to get inside.  According to Louie and Prada, dinosaurs live in the backyard.  You Live, You Learn.


  1. NotSoAngryRedHead--They def are. It's so funny to see their reactions to things. Hope you've been doing well!

  2. Cute. I love the lizard pic. Found you through BOTD. You should consider First Fridays on my site. Here's the link

  3. Amy-- I love the lizard pic too. I will def check out your link!

  4. Hi Adam,

    I was visiting Christine's blog (Now What) this morning and and she cited your blog as her featured blog of the week.

    I like the pic of the gecko and your post sounds like that back yard has a lot of adventure.

    Congratulations for Best Blog of the Day and Featured Blogger of the Week.


  5. underOvr--Thank you so much for telling me about Christine's blog featuring my blog. I'm shocked! Honored! Happy!
    Thanks for taking time out of your day to spend it with me.

  6. Adam,
    That is way too funny, and like others I love the lizard photo.
    Christine chose well for her blogger of the week.
    I look forward to reading more from you.

  7. SquirrelQueen-- The lizard pic is pretty cool. I had to use my big zoom lens because he was getting very jumpy and I wanted a pic of him. I feel honored that you have joined "The Water Bowl."

  8. Love the lizard pic- & congrats with the BOTDA!

  9. Francois--Glad you enjoy the pic and thanks!