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Friday, May 29, 2009

Foto Friday

This is a picture of the diesel that was engulfed in flames near my subdivision.  Sorry the quality of the photo isn't the best.  I took it with my phone.  I almost went home and got my camera and took more pictures, but I didn't know I would have seen things I didn't want too... 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Save our chairs's time to save our chairs.  We save the whales, we save the's time to save the chairs too.  Chairs are under a lot of strain.  Many have even died after too much weight has been added on top of them.  It's time to stop this cruel and unusual punishment.  Give chairs the right to live.  SAVE OUR CHAIRS!!!

I'm starting this campaign because I hear the silent cries coming from chairs when I sit down.  It's time to drop a few pounds and let our chairs live "happily ever after."  

Don't be selfish.  Chairs need love too.  Wooden chairs, metal chairs, fabric and leather upholstered chairs...don't discriminate.  Don't hate. the "Save Our Chairs" campaign.

Detailed information:
  • The first "Save Our Chairs" campaign starts June 1 and ends June 30. (2009)
  • The goal of "Save Our Chairs" is to lose 10 pounds during the campaign.  (2 pound per week)
  • To sign up, simply leave a comment stating your weight, height, and your weight loss goal for the campaign.
  • If you would like to participate anonymously: type your comment then click "comment anonymously" then click on "post comment."
  • Each Monday there will be a blog post about the "Save our Chairs" campaign where you can leave a comment letting everyone know your progress.  

PS...Let me know what you think about my poster too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When I grow up...

If Hope, Prada, and Louie were humans what would they be doing career-wise?  

Hope.  She would be retired by now.  She would have had a wonderful life as a nurse or perhaps a doctor.  She is always right beside you every step of the way.  She wants to make sure you're doing okay and if at any time you need her all you have to do is just ask.  OR perhaps she would be a teacher.  Louie is in this stage where everything is his if he wants it to be and no one can see it, touch it, smell it, or look in the general direction of it without him causing a scene.  Hope waits until he walks away and then sneaks over there and grabs whatever and goes and hides it.  She's trying to teach him a lesson (or maybe she would be a robber...)

Prada.  She would be a chef.  She is always in the kitchen sniffing on the floor looking for any stray crumbs that might have fallen.  She will eagerly eat them and let you know if she likes it or not.  And, every time you are in the kitchen opening up the fridge or cabinets, she comes running in hoping to have a taste of whatever it is you're getting out.  OR perhaps she would be a bodyguard.  Whenever Louie barks at me (not in an angry way), she will come running out of no where and slam into him.  She then will grab one of his hind legs in her mouth and pull causing him to fall down.  She will then sometimes try to pin him down by jumping on him.  (Would that have made her the bully in school...)

Louie.  He would be some sort of supervisor.  If you are outside watering the flowers/yard, there he is supervising to make sure you are doing it right.  Every now and then he will give a bark or yelp.  (I suppose he is giving out orders.)  If you are doing laundry, he is right there watching your every move and again, he will give a bark or a yelp.  If you reading a book on the couch or bed or where ever, he wants up there with you so he can look over your shoulder at the book.  (He LOVES doing this with a magazine, and I don't know why.) OR perhaps he would be the nosey neighbor that stops you to tell you how you should be doing everything.  (Perhaps he's like an in-law hahaha)

You Live, You Learn

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tune-riffic Tuesday

(This month I am featuring Kelly Clarkson on Tune-rrific Tuesdays)

Click on "Whyyawannabringmedown" to hear it.

Today's featured song is... "Whyyawannabringmedown."  It is very much a punk type song with a lot of energy.  I LOVE it.  If you are a Kelly follower, then you know this is a "Kelly" fun song.  Enjoy! You Live, You Learn.

For the month of June, Tune-riffic Tuesdays will focus on..... (Come back June 2 for find out!)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Georgia Aquarium

Last weekend, I drove over to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium.  Although, I live pretty close this was my first visit.  It wasn't exactly as big as I had imagined it.  Everyone that has been to it says how huge it is.  So, I suppose with child-like imagination, I had blown the hugeness factor way out of proportion and was slightly let down by how big it really was.  

I woke up that morning in a horrible mood.  I don't really know why.  So, I was slightly irritated all day long.  (Slightly irritated is an understate...but I cannot confirm nor deny.)  When I got there, they were doing construction and people weren't helpful as to where I was suppose to park.  (I had already paid for parking, but couldn't find that parking deck.  So, I had to pay for parking again...)  There was a long line, but it moved really quickly.  Once you give them your ticket, you continue moving through the line to the entrance.  Right before you get to the entrance, the line gets backed up because they are taking pictures of everyone that enters.  (You can purchase these later.)  Well, I wasn't in the mood for a picture, and I knew I wouldn't buy it so I tried to move on through.  The lady stopped me and said in an overly bright cheery voice, "Hey sir and welcome!!!  You will have to wait a second.  It's not your turn for your picture." And then gave me a huge smile.  I replied, "I brought my own camera.  I don't need your picture.  I'm not here for a picture of myself.  I didn't drive this far for a picture of myself especially in front of a blue velvet background."  And with that, I was allowed to quickly enter the building.  (See...I told ya I was not in a good mood...)

Once inside, I start exploring.  After looking at a few fish (by pushing my way through the massive group of not go on a Saturday...), I wished I had brought along Dr. Feel.  It would have been a wonderful voyage for him.  A glimpse of his cousins (maybe) and all that water.  I got real sad that I hadn't brought him until I say the huge whales.  That would have made him really scared!  (I suppose he wouldn't know the difference if I just filled up the bathtub and threw in some plastic fish.)  Plus, security probably wouldn't have let him in.  

After exploring, I walked back outside.  Right beside the Georgia Aquarium is the "World of Coke."  It's a Coca-Cola bottling facility that gives tours.  They were standing outside giving away a free coke.  So, I went and claimed mine.  It tasted so good, and it was ice cold.  I didn't get to enjoy my Coke for long because the clouds started floating in warning of rain.  So, I went back to the parking deck to head over to Lenox Square Mall.  I made it to the parking deck just in time before the rain started.  

The mall was mostly a disappointment.  I mainly wanted to go to that mall because they have a Puma store there, and I am in need of some new tennis shoes.  I walked in the store, and the whole place is full of clothes.  There are only 10 shoes out for display.  What?!?!  Serious?!?!  This is a Puma store.  Hello!  People want shoes too.  An associate said, "Can I help you?"  I replied, "Well, obviously not because you only have 10 pair of shoes.  Macy's, downstairs, has more shoes than you!"  (See...I wasn't in a happy mood...)

Although I was in a horrible mood, I did have a wonderful time.  Even if no one could tell.  hahaha.  Below are some pictures!  Enjoy.  You Live, You Learn.

Foto Friday

Here's a sneak peak at a photo from my Georgia Aquarium visit.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The haircut...

Since it's getting hotter and since Prada and Louie are long-haired chihuahuas, I decided it was time for them to get a haircut.  Once they saw me getting all my equipment...they ran and hid.  So, since Hope was left standing beside me, I decided to give her a little trim too.  She did a great job! I don't think she was extremely happy about situation but she tolerated it very well. 

After Hope, I went searching for Prada and Louie.  At first, I couldn't find them.  I started to get worried.  But then... I saw that my pile of dirty clothes was moving.  Sure enough, there they were.  I decided to pick up Prada first.  She didn't do to well.  To put it nicely...half of her body got a haircut and the other half is still her wild and crazy hair.  She looks like two different dogs.  It's quite funny and sad at the same time.  I went to take a picture, but she went running away.  She doesn't like her picture being taken, and I'm sure she knew she looked like a wreck.  I wasn't able to get a good enough picture :( and I didn't want her to be mad or scared anymore.  So, I didn't pursue it any farther.  

After the Prada incident, Louie was terrified.  So, he didn't get a haircut.  But, I must say he doesn't have quite as much or quite as long, hair as Prada.  He was relieved.  I think this made Prada even more mad because he didn't have to go through the torture.  

After playing with Prada more (and tell her she looked crazy), I was finally able to finish her haircut.  And, thankfully, she is no longer mad at me!  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tune-rrific Tuesday!!

(This month I am featuring Kelly Clarkson on Tune-rrific Tuesdays)

Click on "If I Can't Have You" to hear it.

Today's featured song is... "If I Can't Have You."  This song is pop, punky, and with a medium-fast beat.  As the title suggests, she is talking about a relationship.  That person is the only person she wants to be with for the rest of her life.  Near the end of the song, Kelly's voice gets altered, but it's only very slightly. Enjoy! You Live, You Learn

(Also, I will be doing an update on my weekend trip to the Georgia Aquarium.  I'm having trouble with the pictures I would like to post. So...stay tuned!)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Foto Friday

A bee on one of my flowers
It looks like the bee has an EYE on his back.  It's pretty cool.
You Live, You Learn

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Hardee's Commercial

Below is the link to my Hardee's commercial that I made.  I think it is so fun!

Tune-rrific Tuesday

(This month I am featuring Kelly Clarkson on Tune-rrific Tuesdays)

Click on the first CRY to hear the song.  Click on the first SOBER to hear the song.

Today, I'm highlighting "Cry" by Kelly Clarkson off of her "All I Ever Wanted" Album.  This song has the flavor of her song "Sober" (which I LOVE) off of her "My Last December" Album.  It is a classic Kelly song showcasing her amazing vocals.  "Cry" is about going through a break up and all the hardships that brings. Below you will find the lyrics...hope I didn't type them wrong.  

Also, if by some miracle Kelly Clarkson checks out my blog... You always impress me not only with your vocals but also your lyrics.  Oh..and job ends in September of this year, and I will be in the need of a job...I would make a great publicist! or whatever.  I suppose I can't be picky if I'm in need of a job, ya know.  

Lyrics for "Cry" by Kelly Clarkson
If anyon asks,
I'll tell them we both just moved on
When people all stare
I'll pretend that I don't hear them talk
Whenever I see you,
I'll swallow my pride
and bite my tongue
Pretend I'm okay with it all
Act like there's nothing wrong

Is it over yet?
Can I open my eyes?
Is this as hard as it gets?
Is this what it feels like to really cry?

If anyone asks,
I'll tell them we just grew apart
Yeah what do I care
If they believe me or not?
Whenever I feel
Your memory is breaking my heart
I'll pretend I'm okay with it all
Act like there's nothing wrong

Is it over yet?
Can I open my eyes?
Is this as hard as it gets?
Is this what it feels like to really cry?

I'm talking in circles
I'm lying, they know it
Why won't this just all go away?

Is it over yet?
Can I open my eyes?
Is this as hard as it gets?
Is this what it feels like to really cry?

Louie's New Obsession

Louie has a new obsession...belly breathing.  (Mine, not his...)  This is how his new obsession works: he yips to get my attention, he yips again, I pick him up, he yips again, I walk towards the couch and sit down, he yips again, I lay down (or is it lie down...?), he then crawls on top of my belly, flips over on his back, and just lays (or is it lies?) there on his back...on my belly...him moving up when I breath in...him moving down when I breath out.  He gets a kick out of this.  Me?  I get a headache.  First, I get restless because he doesn't want me to move at all to mess up his fun moment.  Second, he doesn't want me to even hold the remote and change the channel on the tv because this means my attention is not fully directed towards him.  Third, I get a headache for laying (or is it lying?) on the couch because the couch is made of down-feathers, and I am allergic to down... (At the time of the purchasing of the couch, I didn't know about this allergy.) So, I can't be on the couch for long periods of time.  I can normally handle an hour...sometimes two hours on the couch.  (I know what you are thinking...Why does he still have that couch if he is allergic to it?  Well, I don't really know what other kind of couch I want.  Also, the only time I sit on the couch is right before I go to bed to watch my shows.)

    Just because I can handle an hour or two hours on the couch doesn't mean I want to be on the couch with Louie on my belly.  Then, Prada will come in the living room and want up on the couch.  This makes Louie bark at her because he is still having fun and she is in the process of messing that up.  Of course, I pick Prada up and put her on the couch because I don't want to damage her psychologically and to also show Louie that it's not all about him.  After I pick Prada up, she immediately wants to jump up on my shoulder to give me a kiss thanking me for picking her up.  This show of affection, makes Louie jealous.  So, he will jump up on my other shoulder and give me a kiss.  This leads Prada to thinking it's a she will lick me again.  (Just for everyone to know...I hate being licked.)  Louie, as a last resort, will walk on the back of the couch to my other shoulder and push Prada off.  He will then walk across my shoulders/collarbone so that his back legs are on one shoulder, his front legs are on my other shoulder, and his body is all up in my face making it hard for me to breathe.  Ugh, oh the joys.  You Live, You Learn.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Plant Killer...

I think my plants hate me.  Remember, I planted some strawberries, lettuce, and some tomatoes?  Well...  The tomatoes are still just a green stalk.  No sign of a tomato.  It hasn't made a difference if they were potted in a planter or in the topsy turvy container.  Which I suppose is fine since I don't really like tomatoes, but I was looking forward to some really good salsa.  The strawberries aren't making strawberries.  A couple of strawberries started popping out, but I don't know where they are anymore.  I don't know if they died, or if Prada or Louie ate them.  My lettuce, ugh my lettuce.  The high hopes I had for them.  Well, the package said to thin them out when a few leaves started sprouting.  Well, for the longest there were only two leaves on each "stalk"...that's not a "few." So, I waited a little longer.  Well, now I have waited way to long.  They are about six or eight inches tall, but they are all intertwined.  And, baby lettuce is so soft that when I go to try to un-intertwine them, they resist.  They are so soft they act sticky or something.  So, instead of separating them out what really happens is that they break off in your hands.  Well, two weeks ago I had the bright idea to just cut the intertwined baby lettuce and make a salad.  My intentions were that this would allow the lettuce to grow back and then I could immediately thin it out.  Well, the lettuce has refused to resurface.  
I'm so glad I wasn't relying on these plants to be my only food source.  Man, would I be starved by now.  It's just so much easier to just go to the market and buy them.  At least then I will get to immediately eat them.  I've still have had to buy strawberries and lettuce because mine just aren't/weren't producing.  I know a garden is suppose to take some time to grow, but that is why I bought tomatoes and strawberries already grown.  Only my lettuce was from seeds.  I just don't know.  I don't know if I am sad because my plants didn't produce or if it's because I spent time on trying to make them produce and apparently that was time wasted.  On a bright-side...I suppose I can use those containers for flowers now...  You Live, You Learn.  

Friday, May 8, 2009

Foto Friday

Some people want a white picket fence...others want pink flamingos
You Live, You Learn

Thursday, May 7, 2009


All this week it has rained off and on.  Today...whoa!  I am extremely lucky because my neighborhood didn't have any damage, but all around my neighborhood did.  Here are some pictures of the flooding throughout the city.  These pictures were uploaded from citizens and sent in to the local television station.  (I do not own the rights to these pictures, nor am I taking credit for them.)  This is a lot of water...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tune-riffic Tuesday

Check out Kelly Clarkson's "Save You"

I LOVE the second verse because the drums seem to be beating to a different beat.  The first time you hear it you will probably think that the music is ahead of the words...but listen to it about 3 times and you will realize that it is right on track.  LOVE it!  So different, but oh so good.  

You Live, You Learn

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I would like to thank Christine for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award.  You have no idea how much I appreciate your kind gesture.  I would also like to take this time and re-thank you for making The Water Bowl one of your "Featured Blogger of the Week."  You are very kind.  

To all my loyal readers and to all the random drop-ins...thank you so much for taking time out to visit with me.  

In response to this award, I am supposed to tell you about seven of my favorite things:
(1) Books, especially paper backs because they bend.
(2) Sunshine, it makes me feel good.
(3) Mexican food, because it's soooo good.
(4) Diet Dr. Pepper, because it tastes great.
(5) Photographs, because they are moments...forever.
(6) My friends, because they offer love, guidance, and fun-ness.
(7) And of course, my dogs and fish, because they keep me going

You Live, You Learn

Foto Friday

I've lost my mind...I forgot to post FOTO FRIDAY....
Here's Foto Friday...on a Saturday