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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sonic Car-Hop...

So, Tara (co-worker) and I decided to sneak away from work to partake in Sonic's Happy Hour.  (Although, neither of us bought anything on the Happy Hour menu...)  We get there and the parking lot looked pretty full, but we were able to find a parking place.  Tara orders our stuff and while we are sitting there a Car-Hop comes out to deliver food to the car beside us.  All of a sudden, the Car-Hop just fell on top of Tara's Tahoe! HAHAHAHAHA Love it! She was okay, so that's why I can laugh.  It really brightened my day.  The ironic thing is ... she didn't have on the rollerblades/skates, she had on regular tennis shoes.  (Is it mean that I find this amusing?)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(A)lligator (B)erries (C)ash...

I was reading one of my favorite blogs last week ("Blog for Not So Angry Redhead"--the link can be found under My Blog List) when I saw that she had planted some strawberries.  Well, this got me thinking...why can't I grow my own strawberries?  (I really like fresh strawberries and strawberry margaritas!)  At least I wouldn't have to worry about pesticides and food recalls.  So, I got up early on Saturday and headed out to local stores to find the best ones.  (The pups knew that if I was leaving early that I was up to something...)  Come to find out, WalMart had the best looking ones.  So, I decided to buy 2 different kinds (Quinalt & Fresa), 2 clay strawberry pots, and vegetable soil (Yes, I know that a strawberry is a fruit...).  Once I got home, I got overwhelmed.  There were so many holes in the pots that I didn't know how to fill them up with my plants without the soil spilling out.  I somehow managed not to waste too much soil, and I am very pleased with how they turned out.  Now, I just have to worry about Prada and Louie eating them before I do!
After being out in the sun working on my strawberry planters, I decided that this weekend would be a great time to head down to the beach.  I decided to make it an extended stay and took Monday and Tuesday off from work.  Prada and Louie got SO excited when I started messing with their travel crate.  I think they got really excited when they saw me packing my swim trunks because they knew we were heading for the beach!  I think Prada was more excited because she knew she wouldn't have to go for long walks at the beach hahaha.  Dogs aren't allowed to walk on the beach, so we are just restricted to the parking lot, and I don't want her paws to get scorched.  (The white sand could scorch her paws too.)   So, she REALLY likes to go to the beach.  Prada might not get to go for long walks, but I sure can!
I got up in the mornings and went for 5.5 mile walks.  I started out walking through the environmentally, protected wetlands and then walked through the city to get back to my condo.  I'm always cautious when walking through the wetlands because of alligators. (Another reason Prada doesn't go for walks down there...)  The first day went great.  No wild animals except for birds.  The second day got a little bit spicier.  Of course, I wore my sunglasses which aren't prescription, so starting off things were slightly out of focus.  I'm was about 1 mile into the wetlands when I glanced to my left and noticed something!  I start walking closer and yup, it was cash.  I couldn't make out how much though because I didn't have my glasses on.  Just as I bend over to pick it up I started thinking...what if a gang of alligators got together and set a trap...  So, as I bend over to pick it up, I snatch it up really fast and started walking even faster.  Not gonna be bit today!  (Turned out to only be a dollar, but I was still happy!)  I get another mile into the wetlands and notice a huge bird standing in the water.  So, I slowed down and got closer.  The bird was staring into the water waiting for a fish to snatch up.   All of a sudden, I realized that there was a "log" floating in between me and the bird.  Then, I realized that this "log" had eyes and was either watching me or the bird.  I focused in on the alligator and got just a step closer (to make sure it was indeed an alligator) and all of a sudden he (or she) just dipped below the water out of my sight. I said "Oh, hell no." And, turned my leisurely stroll into a marathon paced run.  I rewarded myself with a sausage biscuit from Hardee's!  You Live, You Learn.
(P.S. When I go out for my walks / jogs I ALWAYS have my "Road ID" on.  It is an athletic bracelet that has: your name, your city, emergency contact information, allergies, etc.  It's a great device in case something were to happen to you.  In my case, hopefully, the alligator would have chomped down on everything but that arm...  Find out more at

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tooth Fairy...

Last night, Hope, Prada, and Louie were sitting with me on the couch watching HGTV.  Prada got excited for some reason and wanted to play.  So, after multiple attempts (due to her weight...), she finally jumped up onto the back of the couch and ran full force ahead and jumped on my shoulder.  She started barking and wagging her tail and lifting her paw up for me to shake her hand.  She then smiled at me and I noticed something...she was missing a tooth!  (Bottom row...middle tooth)  I told her that even though I didn't know where the tooth was, I was sure the Tooth Fairy would have something for her in the morning.  (I knew exactly where it was...she had probably swallowed it while gulping down her food. But, I'm just saying.  I cannot confirm nor deny.)
So, this morning I gave her a doggie treat.  I didn't want to give her food, but considering the fact that all the doggie stores had closed by the time I found out she had lost a would have to work.  Prada has to go back to the doctor very soon (I have yet to make the appointment...) for a check-up on the progress of her weight loss.  I'm afraid she has gained weight instead which is going to make me look like I am a bad parent.  The diet pill she is taking works by attaching to "fat particles" which the Vet said I needed to switch her to a high in fat dog food.  Well, of course, she's going to have gained weight because she is eating more fat. (She was previously on weight-loss dog food.)  And, of course she eats ALL of her food...fat is what makes it taste good!  
I try to limit her food to only her's and not Louie's and Hope's.  I try to play with her everyday more than I have in the past.  She LOVES for me to take off running in the house so she can run behind me trying to catch me. So, what have I been doing???  Running around my house like a lunatic.  (I'm sure if the neighbors peek in my windows they think they are living beside a crazy person.) But, she still hasn't lost weight.  She looks like she has gained it.  Maybe the Vet will recommend a higher dosage of medication or maybe to go back to the weight-loss dog food.  Now that warmer weather is here and that there is more sunshine in the afternoon, I can start taking her out on daily walks to help with her weight-loss endeavor.  We've got to do something because the swimsuit I bought her last year....doesn't fit...AT ALL.  You Live, You Learn.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shake 'n Pour...

Lately, I have been craving pancakes, not the frozen kind either.  So that means cooking...and we all know how well I cook... Yesterday, I got the easiest pancake mix I could find "Shake 'n Pour" by Bisquick.  It looked extremely easy.  All I had to do was: add water, shake, and pour.  I can do that!  So, this morning I get up and get ready for my challenge.  I started reading the instructions: (1) FILL container with 2/3 cup cool water [Ok, I can do that - So, I did it] (2) SHAKE container hard for 30 seconds. Tap bottom corners of container to loosen remaining mix; shake again [Again, I can do that - So, I did it] (3) POUR batter onto hot greased skillet forming 4-inch pancakes [Piece of cake - So, I did it].  But, that was were the problem started...that's ALL the directions.  What am I supposed to do after that?  How do I get them cooked and on my plate so I could pour syrup on top?  It didn't tell me when I should flip them, how long should they cook on each side, or if both sides cooked at the same time!  I looked at Hope, Prada, and Louie and said, "Where's the rest of the instructions?!?!"  They commenced to barking and jumping up and down. (I don't know if they were cheering me on or telling me to stop before I burned anything down.)
Hurriedly, I read the container again.  Nope, no step 4.  The bottle did say that if I had any comments I should save the bottle and call 1.800.345.2443. I didn't have a comment... I had a question.  What's the number to call if you have questions?!?! It also gave me  So, I logged on and went to the tip section.  Finally, I had an answer.  It said, "Flip pancakes only once! Repeated flipping will toughen the pancakes.  Pancakes are ready to flip when they're puffed, covered with bubbles and slightly dry around the edges.  Cook the other side until it is golden brown."  Hello?!?!  Why is this not on the container?  Luckily, I knew exactly when to flip my first pancake...after I saw the smoke rising up and smelled something burning.  I wouldn't have burned it if the container had all the instructions on it.  Doesn't Bisquick know that there are people out there that have to eat, but don't know how to cook?  Those people (me...) need ALL the instructions.  We need to know when to flip a pancake!  You Live, You Learn.

(PS...My pancakes were more golden brown but for some reason every picture that I upload to my blog has muted colors.  If you know why this happens, or how to fix this, please let me know. Thanks!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love Monkey...

Yesterday was a jammed packed day of fun.  I got up at o'dark thirty (an Alabama saying for "the crack of dawn") to get the new Kelly Clarkson CD.  I wanted to get it and come back home to workout to the CD before heading to work.  Prada and Louie looked at me like "Umm...what are you doing up so early?" (Hope didn't realize I was gone until I got back.  Bless her heart.)  Obviously, music releases are not a huge event in Alabama because I couldn't find the CD.  Well, at one place I found it but they didn't have the Limited Edition that I wanted.  (They also didn't feel the need to go and check in the back but's all good.)  So, I didn't get the CD until almost mid-morning, but hey, that's okay.  So, all day yesterday I jammed out to this AWESOME CD.  And just so you know... "I'm not your love monkey...So... why-ya why-ya  whyyawannabringmedown."  (Listen to the CD to understand that lyrical line.)
For lunch, some co-workers took me out to Olive Garden to continue celebrating my birthday.  Wahoo!  Loved it. (Just so you know, I celebrate my birthday the whole month of March.)  Oh, did I love it.  I'm not going to name off how many soup and salad bowl refills I had because boy was it a lot.  (On a bright side, at least my co-workers got their money's worth for my lunch.)  Since I had a short work day yesterday, I decided to do some yard work...
I walked outside and Prada and Louie were running around in the grass and just having a blast in the warm, sunshiny day.  I heard my next door neighbors arguing in their yard.  I tried to listen but my hearing is horrible.  So I dashed inside to grab my Listen Up Personal Sound Modification Device (an "As Seen on TV" thing I found at WalMart) and out the door I went ready to be nosey.  Just my luck, once I got back outside their argument was over.  Ugh...  
Once Prada and Louie saw me getting my yard-working utensils, they immediately ran inside the sunroom with their noses pressed up against the floor to ceiling windows waiting, watching, looking for something to go wrong.  (They are so supportive.)  I did such a good job pruning the rose bushes that I decided to do a little more.  So, I started pruning back my monkey grass.  (I should have stopped while I was ahead.)  Because the monkey grass had gotten big and bushy and out of control, I kinda had to just dig into it and just prune some of it back blindly.  I pruned back more than just monkey grass...I cut the power cord for the fountain and tripped up the power outlets for the backyard.  Luckily, I didn't get shocked!  I first thought that I had just cut the extension cord for the water fountain, but nope I never do anything easy.  I cut the water pump power cord.  To my surprise, I was able to purchase a water pump that would work for my fountain at Lowe's and only for $30 dollars.  I'm so surprised that I didn't hurt myself.  
After the yard work and the trip to Lowe's to fix my yard working mistakes, I turned on WhyYaWannaBringMeDown off of Kelly's CD and just jammed out to it by jumping up and down and singing (off key).  Pretty soon Prada and Louie were copying me and jumping up and down and barking like they were having a groovy, good time right along with me.  (I hope they weren't barking to try to cover up my horribly off-key vocals.)  You Live, You Learn.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Redknees NOT Rednecks...

Well, I never experienced any ghostly encounters, not even a "Casper the Friendly Ghost" encounter.  However, there is something mysteriously wrong with Place D'Armes.  My hotel room was on the 4th floor.  I went down the first flight of stairs I came too which was dimly light with a 15 watt bulb.  Very dark.  Very eerie.  I went up a flight and it was pitch black with a sign that said "Do Not Enter"...And I did not enter.  I got back on the 4th floor and went down the 2nd staircase.  I started out on the 4th floor but then was immediately on the 2nd floor.... Where did the 3rd floor go?... (I turned around and ran back to the 4th floor where I felt more confident and knew that it actually existed.)   In another flight of stairs, you open the door and it's an immediate drop off with NO warning.  Needless to say, I stuck with the elevator which was only big enough for me and my 1 suitcase because I knew exactly where I would end up. (I think the elevator shaft was originally a very small closet.)
The Britney Spears concert "Circus" was amazing.  It was a HUGE production with 3 circle stages.  My first favorite part of the concert was during the magician act performance.  While Britney was performing a magician made her disappear and then re-appear on the opposite side of the stage! Then the magician made Britney get in a tall box where you could still see her face.  He then put a huge blade in the box and spilt her into 3 separate boxes with her still performing!  It was crazy fun.  My next favorite part was where these guys fell from the ceiling wrapped up in sheets (like Cirque Du Soleil). And if that wasn't fun enough, one of the guys grabbed Britney and spun her all over the place!  She didn't have a harness or anything.  She was totally trusting that guy. (Guess he was more trustworthy than K. Fed.) Loved it!
I'm now down at the beach and the puppies are so freaking excited.  They jumped in the travel crate excited that they would get to go on this trip.  After spending the last two weeks feeling like I either lived in a freezer or Alaska, it's nice to thaw out at the beach in 70 degree weather.  With the weather just gorgeous, I went out on the beach and began reading my new book "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova.  I apparently got drawn into the book a little too much.  I started feeling my legs get warm but then I got really interested in the book and forgot that my legs were burning.  Now, the back of my knees are BRIGHT RED...and hurting.  It currently looks crazy.  Extremely crazy because they are the only things that are red.  Who knew you needed to put sunblock on the back of your knees too... You Live, You Learn.
(Below is a picture of the wig that I it.  Check it out.  The funny thing is, I used to have my hair very similar haha).

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fudge, Flowers, & Balloons...

Today is my 25th birthday.  I woke up, got ready, and headed straight to The Fudgery Fudge Shop located at the River Walk Mall in New Orleans to immediately start celebrating my birthday.  I LOVE The Fudgery Fudge Shop here.  There is a woman named Sunshine that works there.  She is always smiling and singing.  Watching her make fudge and singing is a must do when I'm in New Orleans.  Today, I got a was her birthday too!!!  So, the crowd sang "Happy Birthday to her"...then to me...then "Happy Anniversary" to a couple who's anniversary is tomorrow.  After eating my free samples of fudge, I decided to try my luck at the slots.  
Lady Luck didn't show up today.  I lost $40 dollars but won $12.17.  So, I guess she did make a small appearance but I wanted a grand entrance.  Oh well.  An interesting side note: I got a margarita at the casino and it was actually the best free casino drink I have had.  After the casino, I headed for the French Market.  It wasn't the best today.  Nothing caught my attention.  (Again, I guess Lady Luck made a small appearance to save me some money.)  For lunch I had a shrimp po'boy and canjun fries.  After I finished my meal, the canjun fries finally caught my mouth on fire.  Thank God I had ordered a large drink.  
New Orleans is FILLED with fun and/or interesting characters, and I just so happened to run into the "balloon lady."  I'm walking to Jackson Square and this crazy looking lady just grabs me and says "Oh what did you win?! Oh what oh what oh what oh what did you win?" (I was wearing my "Happy Birthday" buttons.)  I said, "Oh nothing, it's just my birthday."  She pulled me in closer and said, "I'll make you a special hat."  I said, "Oh, you don't have to do that at all."  She said, "I insist."  A minute or two later and my "special" hat was finished.  And, instead of handing it to me...she jumped up and snuggled it on my head.  I said, "Oh...ummm....thanks!"  She replied with, "Well I don't make those for free.  I accept donations."  I asked her if she had change for a dollar, but she acted like she didn't.  (I gave her two dollars instead.)
After immediately going to the hotel to drop off my "special" hat, I located a flower shop.  I bought some gorgeous orange and yellow roses and headed back to The Fudgery Fudge Shop to spread a little bit of "Sunshine."  I arrived a few moments too late.  Sunshine had gotten a little sick and went home a few minutes early.  I told the other employees that I had bought these for her since it was her birthday and she always makes me smile when I am in town.  One employee pulled out her cell phone and called Sunshine letting her know she had a surprise when she arrived at work tomorrow.  She handed me the phone, and I told her that I thoroughly enjoy her fudge making shows and just wanted to spread a little sunshine.  She almost cried.  She arrives back at work bright and early in the morning.  I hope she likes the roses.  A small gesture of kindness goes a long way.  You Live, You Learn.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Swirling Snow Monster...

Yup, I woke up this morning to finish my packing and this is what I saw... (It's snowing even harder and faster now.)

Now, I'm really worried about my flight because we are suppose to get 1 - 2 inches, but the airport is suppose to get 3 - 6 inches.  According to their website, my flight is still scheduled and still on time.  I'm sure that will change.
Hope, Prada, and Louie were barking to go outside.  (If they only knew what was waiting for them.)  I could tell Hope thought that something was different, but she just ran out and peed and ran right back.  Louie was actually a little braver and tried catching snowflakes in his mouth.   However, the wind started picking up the snow and swirling it around him...he got really scared.  He peed and ran inside trying to get away from the swirling snow monster.  Prada was not happy about this new "stuff" flying around and on the ground.  She stopped and peed about an inch outside the back door and immediately wanted in.    
(This is the second time they have ever experienced snow.)  Well, I've got to finish packing for my trip...if I get to go today.  You Live, You Learn.