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Saturday, February 28, 2009

70 degrees and snow...

The weather is so ridiculous.  There has still been tornadic activity today with highs in the 70s.  When I wake up in the morning it's going to be in the 30s and snowing?!?!  What's up with that?  Ugh.  Whatever.  Since Alabamians are not used to snow, I'm sure my flight to New Orleans will be delayed.  I'm hoping it won't be cancelled.  To let you know just how much we aren't used to snow...I'm leaving for the airport almost 6 hours before the plane takes off.  (The airport I'm flying out of is two hours away.)
I'm suppose to fly to New Orleans on Sunday and arrive back on Wednesday, and then hop in the car on Thursday and head to the beach until Sunday.  Prada and Louie will be so happy!  No more getting in the travel crate just to hide in the bathroom from the tornadoes.  I'm going to New Orleans to celebrate my 25th birthday and to attend the kick-off of Britney Spear's Circus concert.  I'm not a crazy Britney fan, but I do want to support her since she is getting her life back together.  (There's so much negativity in the world...I want to celebrate positivity.)
While in New Orleans, I will be staying at Place D'Armes.  It is considered one of the most haunted hotel in New Orleans.  (I didn't know about this when I booked it...still nervous.)  Guests claim to hear and see children, hear their names called during the night, and see an older man that vanishes when spoken to or when followed. "It is said to have been built on the site where a school house once stood.  A major fire destroyed the school and many children and teachers were burned to death in the blaze."
I have decided that I will leave a pen and piece of paper out while I sleep to see if a ghost can write.  However, if something is written on the piece of paper, I will have to crawl as fast as I can out of there because my legs will be like Jello.  Once outside, I will whistle for a cab and head to the airport.  The hotel can either mail me my luggage or throw it away.  Whatever is easiest for them.  You Live, You Learn.
P.S. I bought multiple "Happy Birthday" "It's my Birthday" "Birthday Boy" buttons today to wear while on the plane and while in New Orleans.  Who knows...I may get something for free!!!! hahaha  (I will let you know if this works.)  Oh, and I also bought a wig...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ten Degrees...

Well, Washington DC was extremely cold!  I don't do cold.  I prefer the temperature to be at 80 or above.  However, every day it was 20 - 34 degrees, but throw in the 20 mph winds and I was dealing with 10 - 20 degrees.  It was too cold.  Although it was cold, a boy's got to eat!  I decided to eat at McCormick and Schmidt.  (I really like this restaurant.)  It was only 4 blocks from the hotel, so I thought that I could brave it.  I stepped outside and almost whistled for a cab!  After one block, I thought I was literally going to freeze to death.  It felt like needles were poking me all over my face.  I had a brillant idea though.  I took my scarf and wound it ALL around my head and tied it in a knot with slits for my eyes.  (The restaurant probably thought they were about to be robbed.)  My tilapia was so good.  I'm glad I braved it.  I knew that going back would be easier because the wind should be at my back...this was not the case.  So, I wound the scarf ALL over my head again and trekked back to the hotel. 
The hotel that I stayed at was the Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center Hotel.  It is located in a brand new city that just received a zip code called National Harbour.  It is just across the water from DC and Alexandria, VA.  If you mapquest it, you won't find it...yet.  If you are looking for a VERY nice hotel with a unique environment, then you should stay there.  Google Gaylord National Harbor and check out the pictures on their website.  I don't know how to describe it.   
Hope, Prada, and Louie were so excited when I got home!  (Flew back on Wednesday) They ran all over the place barking and barking and barking.  Prada and Louie tried climbing up my legs but kept falling off, so I bent down and picked them up.  They had a surprise for me...kisses haha.  After my kisses, they wanted down so they could investigate my luggage.  After the luggage passed their investigation, they started back barking and running and trying to climb up my legs.  Needless to say, I had to just lie down in the floor and let them jump all over me. 
Louie is back jumping at my feet today to get up here and see what I am doing.  He has got to where he is very curious of my laptop.  Prada absolutely LOVES my laptop.  She is mesmerized by the bright screen and the key strokes.  She gets so excited that I have to let her type every-now-and-then.  I don't know what she is trying to type, but she loves hearing the key stokes.  Louie, however, isn't that excited.  He just likes to sniff it.  (He got really close to the webcam today.) 
<<Tornado Warning--got to get everyone in their safe place.>>
<<While there is a break in the weather, I am going to try to hurry and finish this blog.>>
The weather is crazy here.  (Baseball sized hail in some places.)  All day today and tonight there have been tornado warnings.  Prada and Louie are so confused.  I keep telling them to get in their travel crate, just to take them to the bathroom. Then the tornado warning will pass, and I will let them out.  The siren will go off again, and the drill starts all over again.  I think Hope is really confused too.
Today and tomorrow there should be severe weather like this all day long with a high in the upper 60s - lower 70s. And then, on Sunday there should be snow with temps in the 20s - 40s?!?!  But then be back in the 60s on Monday?!?! (If it's gonna snow in Alabama, it's gonna snow in March.  Why? I don't know, but it only really happens in March.)  The weather is ALWAYS crazy around my birthday.   You never know what to expect.  However, I'm going on a birthday trip to New Orleans and fly out on Sunday...hope the weather permits.  I'll do another blog about my New Orleans trip tomorrow.  Until then, I'll be in the bathroom with Hope, Prada, and Louie waiting out the storms.  You Live, You Learn. 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Terrible Twos...

Okay okay. So, technically Prada and Louie are fresh three year olds, but Prada reverted back to the terrible twos yesterday. I was trying to cook dinner (don’t worry it was a boxed meal--so I was really just warming it up) when I heard someone eating Hope’s food. (Hope’s food is in the laundry room which is near the kitchen.) I knew it wasn’t Hope because she is always faithful in my cooking escapades and was standing right beside me. She likes to live dangerously, I suppose. I tip-toe through the kitchen and find guess who...Prada.
I said, “Prada...” She lifted her face out of the food bowl and looked at me. “No...” I guess she thought I said to eat more because she started eating more and faster. I said, “Prada, No.” She stopped and looked at me. While I had her full attention, I said “Prada...No.” She then threw a temper tantrum!!! She commenced to barking to the top of her lungs, shaking her head back and forth like she was saying no, and when she was finished.....she did it all over again.
I was torn between laughing because she was acting like a two-year old kid or telling her “Oh no you didn’t missy.” I decided to just think these thoughts in my head and to just let her get all of that energy out of her system. After all of that energy didn’t go away after a little bit, I again said “Prada...No.” She stopped her tantrum but gave me that “Go to you-know-where look.”
I told her that she didn’t need to be eating Hope’s food and Louie’s food and her food. Her food was plenty for her. I also told her that Hope’s food is a low-fat dog food and she needed her dog food because she needed fat to help her “medicine” work. (I still haven’t told her it’s a diet pill.) She looked down at the food, then up at me, then down at the food, then up at me, then down at the food, then up at me. I walked over to Hope’s food bowl and saw why she kept looking at me. There were only three more pieces in the dog bowl meaning she had eaten basically all of it. I decided to give up. I had already lost the fight. So I said, “Go ahead and eat the last three pieces.” She eagerly ate them and looked up at me with a smile. You Live, You Learn.

Today Dr. Feel is getting his water bowl cleaned out. He really doesn’t like this process, but he always likes the clean water. When he has clean water he swims and swims and swims. When his water gets just a little bit dirty, he stops swimming to let me know it’s time to change the water so he can party again.
The Vet called yesterday. I was assuming she was calling to ask how Prada was doing on the diet pills. To my surprise, the phone call was about Hope. She said that some tests had come back and that Hope’s kidney levels were elevated which means her kidneys aren’t performing in tip-top shape. So, I have to start her on a different diet and medication to help her kidneys.
Louie is still being Louie. He thinks that ALL of the bones in the house are his and that no one else can play with them, lick them, or even look at them. Even if Hope looks his way, he starts barking and growling. I mean, come on Louie, she’s a little blind. She doesn’t know what she’s looking at.
I leave on a business trip to Washington, DC tomorrow. So, any updates that I do will probably be really short because I’m just taking my phone and not my computer. Don’t worry though. The three dogs and a fish are in excellent hands!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1.4 pounds...

Yesterday was Vet check-up day. Once Prada and Louie saw the travel crate, they became extremely excited. Louie even peed a little. They dashed into their crate knowing that soon they would be soaking up the sun! So excited that they waited in the crate for over an hour (even though the door was open and they weren’t going anywhere for awhile). To their surprise, the beach wasn’t the destination...the Vet was.
Hope had a wonderful check-up! We found out that she can see a little bit out of her right eye! Just a little bit though. The Vet said she can see better in the dark or in dimly lit rooms due to her cataracts. The Vet also said that I need to continue with her eye drops since her eyes have a tendency to dry out. I bent down and petted Hope and told her she was a good girl. The next thing I heard was “I guess I scared the p*ss out of you.”
While I was petting Hope, the Vet picked up Louie to start his check-up. He immediately started peeing all over the place. All over the travel crate, all over Prada, all over the examination table, all over himself, and all over the Vet. (Doesn’t he know that this is only going to lead to another bath...) The Vet had to check for intestinal parasites, and Louie looked at her as she prepared to check him as if to say “You’re gonna stick that where?!?!” But other than that, he was great.
Prada, Prada, Prada...The Vet was not happy with her weight. She had recommended some weight control dog food for her during the last visit. However, I think it tasted too good because she would eat her food and then sneak around and gulp down Louie’s and Hope’s hoping that no one would notice. (I mean, she’s the only one that’s getting carpet burn on her belly.) In the past, I have tried to talk to her about her weight, but she would always look away or walk away as I was talking to her. Since canine stomach stapling is out of the question, the Vet guessed it...a diet pill. Prada has until March 16 to lose 1.4 pounds.
So, here are two BEFORE picture (I had to squeeze her into her Christmas sweater for the picture, but I told her that her bones had just gotten bigger...), and in a few weeks we will take an AFTER picture. (Oh, also, I told her the picture was for an America’s Next Top Model audition and not a potential weight loss success story. So, don’t tell her any different.)

The diet pill (Slentrol) is actually a liquid. The most common side effect is vomiting. Ugh. A few dogs may develop diarrhea, seem unusually tired, or completely stop eating. These side effects should not last longer than two days. I feel so bad for her because I can’t talk to her to tell her that she’s not going to be feeling well for a couple days. I feel horrible that she is going to be sick and not know why. I just wonder what she’s going to be thinking. You Live, You Learn.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Splish Splash...

Well, today was bath day for the dogs. Oh how they enjoyed it! Once they heard the water turning on in the laundry room, they immediately ran as fast as they the opposite direction...barking...then hiding, hoping that I wouldn't find them. (Except for Hope....the blind and deaf one). Since I didn't have to run after Hope, she was the lucky number one. She did a great job! She always has been a great dog.  She stood very still, well, actually she shivered the whole time, but on the bright side she didn't try to run away. 
Prada and Louie began sneaking their way back into the laundry room.  Apparently, they got brave enough to check on Hope and make sure everything was okay.  I had to act fast, but I was able to shut the door so they couldn't escape again.  
Louie was lucky number two!  He didn't do so well.  I don't know why he is so scared of a bath.  It must be that he is so small, so everything seems so HUGE to him.  I tried to comfort him and tell him "You're a good dog" and "Oh, you're so pretty" (all in a high-baby talk voice).  I don't think he likes to be comforted.  He must have thought I was saying "You're a bad bad dog" and "Oh, you just stink."  But, I kept tell him that everything was going to be okay and that when we were finished he was going to be so pretty and smell so good.  
Prada, Prada, Prada...She wasn't too excited about the bath, but she endured it.  Maybe she realized that Hope and Louie BOTH went in the water and BOTH came out...alive. Or, maybe she was so scared she couldn't move.  Either way, I didn't complain.  I comforted her by telling her "You're the prettiest dog in the world!" But all I kept getting from her were dirty looks.  
For Hope, I use KetoChlor by Virbac Animal Health.  It's a medicated shampoo that can be used on dogs, cats, and horses.  Since she is sixteen years old (in human years--God only knows how old she is in dog years), the vet said that she may be prone to getting skin infections.  For Prada and Louie, I use Perfect Coat 8-in-1 Natural Oatmeal.  It naturally moisturizes their coat.
(Raising my margarita glass) "Here's to bath time!"  You live, You learn.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Someone's in the kitchen...

I had been watching Food Network and decided to try my hand at cooking, again. My other attempts haven’t been too successful. I went to the kitchen and started looking for a pan. The dogs came running in and immediately stopped and stared at me. They must be remembering the last time I tried to cook. It resulted in a grease fire, but it’s all good because nothing burned down. After I found a frying pan, the dogs took off running to their bed, trying to avoid danger I suppose. They’re so supportive. Everyone but Hope, the blind and deaf one. Seeing them run away made me realize that I needed to be calm, cool, and I made a margarita first haha.

I decided to act like I was on “Chopped” (a show on Food Network where participants receive a basket with ingredients in it that they have to use to create a fabulous meal). So, with Hope by my side, I went to the fridge and grabbed some pork chops and carrots. Then, off to the pantry. I opened it up and grabbed the first can that I saw, butter beans. I was ready for my challenge.

I decided to fry my pork chops. (I needed to get over my fear of starting another grease fire.) The grease was hot, so I SLOWLY put the pork chops in and the sizzling began. They looked so plain sitting there, so I opened up the spice cabinet and grabbed some bay leaves. I don’t know what they are really for, but they smelled good, and I was overly confident from watching chef after chef cooking effortlessly on Food Network. So, I put one bay leaf on the small one and two on the bigger one. Once that got going, I started cooking, or reheating, or whatever you do to a can filled with butter beans.

I cooked the chops for eight minutes on each side, but they didn’t look done. So, I cooked them for ten more minutes on each side. They still weren’t brown, crispy, and flakey! So, I cooked them for ten more minutes on each side. Still not crispy looking like Fried Chicken. So, yet again, I cooked them for ten more minutes on each side. These pork chops have been cooking for an hour and sixteen minutes..... I decided to get online real quick and see what I was doing wrong. Well, I found my answer. My pork chops weren’t going to turn brown, crispy, and flakey because I didn’t bread them to make them brown, crispy, and flakey. Who knew?!

Although, I didn’t bread my chops, some parts of them were brown, crispy, and flakey. They were a little tough and a little dry, but other than that they were GREAT! The butter beans and carrots were very good too. I think if I were on the show “Chopped”...I would have been chopped. Oh well. You live, you learn.

Pet Toxins (ripped from AOL Health)

Chocolate, fruit and nuts may sound like tasty delights to you, but these foods can be downright deadly to our four-legged friends. In 2008, the ASPCA handled 140,000 animal poison related emergencies. It's often pet owners who unwittingly poison their pets by giving them foods and drinks they can't tolerate. To help you protect your furry friends, we tapped Fiona Fisher, D.V.M, veterinary expert at, who practices in Ontario, for her roundup of common household foods and items that pose a threat to your beloved pets. Avoid these common toxins to keep your dogs and cats living long, healthy lives.

Grapes and Raisins
Healthy for you? Yes. Healthy for pets? No. In dogs and cats, grapes can cause kidney failure. "We're not exactly sure why grapes pose a health hazard to pets," says Fisher, but experts suspect it has something to do with a chemical in the fruit's skin. Raisins are even more dangerous because they contain a concentrated supply of toxins. Keep this snack out of the reach of your pets.

Bread Dough
"I see this one a lot when people make bread, leave it to rise, and come back to find their dog has helped himself to a serving," Fisher says. What's the harm? The dog's body heat will cause the dough to expand quickly resulting in severe abdominal pain and bloating. In some cases, death can occur if enough dough is eaten.

Chewing Gum
A dog might be attracted to the sweet-smelling gum that your kids are chewing or that's tucked away in your bag. But the artificial sweetener, xylitol, in many types of gum and breath mints, can be deadly to pets. The sweetener can cause a low-blood sugar crisis in your pet. In fact, just one pack of gum can kill a dog, warns Fisher.

Macadamia Nuts
Careful where you keep that bowl of mixed nuts. If they're on a low table that your dog can reach, your pup might get into trouble. Ingesting these nuts can cause tremors, weakness, unsteadiness, depression, a rapid heart rate, and a dangerous rise in body temperature that can lead to other complications. Though macadamia nut toxicity is very scary and dangerous, most dogs recover within a few days, says Fisher.

It may seem unlikely that a dog would eat cigarettes, but those nosy, little creatures will gobble them without a second thought. Nicotine is highly toxic so it doesn't take much to cause a health crisis for your pet, including seizures, coma and death.

Who doesn't find chocolate irresistible? But when it comes to dogs, chocolate is one deadly treat. Caffeine-like stimulants in chocolate known as methylxanthines can produce vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and urination, hyperactivity, abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures and even death, cautions Fisher.

"This type of poisoning happens a lot after people throw a party and their dog or cat gets into a glass of alcohol sitting around or that's spilled on the floor. Sometimes, children will think it's funny to give a dog some beer," Fisher says. And while animals may experience some of the same wobbliness and weakness that humans do after drinking, they are much more sensitive to alcohol than humans and can quickly be in a life-threatening situation, she says. Alcohol ingestion can lead to seizures, heart arrhythmia, vomiting, coma and death.

Pain Relievers
According to Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the number one insurance claim by far for poisonings in 2007 was owner-induced. In most cases, the problems were caused by pet owners giving their pets drugs intended for human use. "Sometimes when the vet's office is closed and a pet is in pain, people will administer over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen to their dogs," Fisher says. Never give your pets these types of drugs, warns Fisher. One tablet of acetaminophen can kill a cat, she says.

Ever had your cat poke its head into your cup of tea? It's not just annoying, it can be downright dangerous depending on the type of tea you're drinking. Caffeine in your tea is toxic to both cats and dogs. Depending on how much is consumed and the size of your pet, ingesting it can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, seizures, coma and even death.

You'd probably never consider giving your dog a piece of an onion, but if you toss her a piece of steak or a bit of stir fry cooked with onions, you're putting your dog in danger. Onions are toxic to dogs and cats whether they're raw or cooked. When ingested, onions can cause hemolytic anemia, a condition that destroys the red blood cells in the bloodstream. A dog with onion poisoning may become lethargic and have difficulty breathing. Generally, a large amount of onions would need to be consumed to pose a serious threat to your dog, but cats are highly sensitive to onion toxicity.

Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I love love love love love Music/Songs. They are a living breathing thing with emotions that can intimately affect your mood, either for the moment or for the whole day. It is a creative outlet to live a life, other than yours, thru the verses of the music/songs.

2. I am intrigued by: [1] Music/Songs (see number 1), [2] airplanes (It amazes me how they something so huge can fly in the air. When I see an airplane I feel like I have the world at my fingertips, like I can go anywhere and be anyone. I love looking down from the airplane window and seeing people going about their day. I have really thought about being a flight attendant....can't really find a job in this field yet) [3] photographs. (It amazes me how a machine can create ever-lasting moments for us to remember either good or bad. [4] dinosaurs (b/c they are so huge!)

3. I feel like I have swallowed a bitter pill. I used to be so much more easy-going and just full of fun and humor. Thankfully, I have realized this and am making the journey back.

4. I almost always never have plain socks on. The feet have to have fun too!

5. I get car sick when I look out of the side windows and watch things go by so fast....this really acts up during Christmas time hahahaha

6. I HATE to drive. Can't stand it. What's the point? But, I live in Alabama that doesn't have a transportation system...ugh. I want to be able to walk out of my house and hop onto a tram train or just walk where i want/need to go. So much easier.

7. I want to move to San Diego, CA. I LOVE it there. I know exactly the neighborhood I want to live in. 

8. I have had a stalker and have had old apartment broken into. This has made me more safety conscious. Even though I have an alarm system, I am looking into taking karate. :)

9. I love going to concerts. Probably b/c I like music/songs. My first concert was with Alisa in Dothan, AL. We went to see "Three Doors Down." I have also seen: Christina Aguilera, Pussycat Dolls, American Idol Tours, Kelly Clarkson and Reba. I'm about to go to New Orleans for my birthday to see Britney Spears. I'm glad she is not acting crazy...or that she's bald....

10. Cooking, Cooking, Cooking...I can't. I either blow-up the microwave or get the microwave door stuck in my rolled up shirt sleeves (not knowing this) and turn around really fast and tear the door off. OR, I start a grease fire...but nothing got burned down. OR, I burn my hand b/c I try to stir stuff while its cooking in the oven....this isn't smart.

11. My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden! Oh just thinking/writing about it makes me drool. I love the atmosphere (hate the table and chairs, although I do like that the chairs roll), love love love the salad (the crispiness of the lettuce, the onions that ALWAYS makes me cry b/c they are so freaking strong and when I bite into them they bring tears to my eyes, and the salad dressing. Love it), love love love the new chicken soup they have too!

12. I'm currently trying to learn french. It's slightly difficult. Why in the hell do they have all these extra letters in between words which I think you are suppose to pronounce...but some you do and some you don't. This is a challenge.

13. I love margaritas. I like the sourness and the lime green color.

14. I listen to NPR (National Public Radio, for those who might not know. If you are still stumped...its the channel that's really low on the radio like in the 89s or 90 point something). Does this make me a dork? Nah, just informed.

15. I have had the same brown belt (wear it every day) since I was in the 9th or 10th grade. Thats makes it about 10 years old. I also have the same red/silver car visor that I've had since I was 16 which makes it about 9 years old.

16. I only eat green bananas. I don't like the smell or taste of a yellow banana. Sometimes I will eat bananas that are green and yellow...once they lose the green...I don't eat them. I like the bitter taste and the slight crunch.

17. Sometimes, I wear clothes that don't match to important events to just be funny and carefree and to make others have a great time by laughing at me. hahahah love it. If I ever have kids I will let them pick out whatever they want to wear and what they want me to wear. I would love it! (sometimes though I would dress them b/c I would want them to look like a little GAP model... sometimes).

18. I love prank calling people/businesses. Whether its asking for toilet paper b/c I have explosive squirts after eating your food, to needing a purple dress for my baby Caprice so she will match the comforter on her bed, to needing a beginner pencil for my baby Shanquila for school, to calling drug stores and asking if they fire crackers for my baby Caprice. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

19. I use to have pet lobsters (crazy, I know. I thought so too, but my dad got them) I got tired of taking care of them so I threw them in the pond beside our house. I never saw them again though....

20. I am the only child and when I was really really young and I would break something or something would go missing...I would blame it on Baby Jesus. 

21. I LOVE "interviewing" Tara (my co-worker) for our fake talk show called Chit Chat at the CHCHC. We come up with some crazy stuff.

22. I don't like the smell of Merlot.

23. The main thing that I can cook really good is boiled chicken. I'm not joking. I can make a mean boiled chicken.

24. <---This is how old I am. 25. I like flamingos. (the bird) (not a bar/club/place) They are so fun to me. I'm looking for some plastic ones to put in the yard right now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey! My name is Adam and I live in Montgomery, Alabama.  I work for a health promotion grant, which is losing funding in September of this year. So, I will be on the job hunt pretty soon.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I have 3 dogs: Hope, Prada, and Louie. Oh, and I have a fish too called Dr. Feel.  
Hope goes by the name of Hope, that is whenever she can hear you.  She is almost deaf and blind but she is still a wonderful dog.  However, her condition has resulted in me having to buy more windex to clean the floor to ceiling windows which she always mistakes as an open door. Bless her heart. Prada also goes by the name Girl.  She's suppose to be a long-haired chihuahua, but she has a little bit of a weight problem and is now almost the size of a boston terrier.  Louie also goes by the name of Little Man.  He and Prada are brother and sister.  He, like his sister, is almost three years old.  However, he still hasn't mastered the art of peeing on things beside himself.  He goes to raise his leg up but for some reason always does a hand-stand, which results on him peeing on himself...all the time. Dr. Feel is a beta fish.  I've had him for almost a year.  He doesn't do much but swim around, but that's alright with me.  
Well, there ya have it. I've got to run, I have an eye-appointment.  Have a great day! And come back later.