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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hope aka VISA...

Hope is becoming more and more like VISA..."Everywhere you want to be..."  First, she blends into the tile throughout the kitchen, office, laundry room, and bathrooms.  Her fur has the same marble texture of creams and tans just like the tile.  This leads to tripping over her.  Especially, when you are busy in the kitchen (not cooking haha) and need to turn around real quick...trip..."Sorry Hope."  A few seconds later...trip..."Sorry Hope."  Second, she has gotten more and more quite or perhaps sneaky.  She LOVES to sneak up on you now, so when you turn around you don't know she is there AND she blends into the floor.  Trip..."Sorry Hope."  Third, her eyesight in her left eye is completely gone.  So, she can't see you to try to get out of your way nor can she even tell if you are standing beside her if you are on her left side.  So, what happens?  She sneaks up on you AND she blends into the floor AND she can't see you to try to get out of your way because of her bad left-eye sight.  Trip... "Sorry Hope."
I feel horrible for always tripping over her.  It's not a new occurrence, like I said she has been blending into the tile for a while now.  But, since she is aging more and more, I feel bad for tripping over her.  (I felt bad before, but even more now.)  I suppose I need to buy a bell and attach it to her collar.  The bell may get on my nerves and Prada's and Louie's, but I know it won't get on her's since she won't be able to hear it.  Maybe a bell is a good thing.  It won't aggravate her because she won't be able to hear it, so she won't even know she is wearing one.  But, it will definitely help me out and her!  You Live, You Learn.


  1. You gotta love a little Hope in your life!! Happy Easter!

  2. Bells on pets are a good idea. If they're hiding, you can just call their name, and even if they don't want to be found, you can hear them lift their head and the bell ring.

    Humans 1: Pets 0

  3. She is a cute dog and that is a lovely photo.

  4. Ian--She is def a cute dog. Thanks!