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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


On Monday, I got home and since it was still daylight outside I decided to go for a walk.  I started getting Prada's and Louie's harnesses and leashes out, but for some reason I had second thoughts.  I didn't know why, but I felt that maybe they shouldn't accompany on this relaxing walk.  So, I put their stuff back in the cabinet. (Prada seemed thrilled of my change of heart.  The torture...oh the torture of a walk.)  I stuck my earphones in my ears, turned on the music, and headed out the door.  
I walked maybe 6 blocks, jamming out to my music, looking at the houses, and wondering why there wasn't anyone else out in the neighborhood...when it happened.  (A "small" dosage of what was waiting for me later).  All of a sudden, I felt something jump on my leg, grab my shorts, and shake/yank.  I screamed like a little girl!  I didn't know what had gotten a hold of me. (While I was jamming out and aimlessly looking at houses, a little dog has his/her eye on me.) 
Luckily, I had come in contact with him/her before, and just said "Hello."  Meanwhile, the dog's owner (a lady in the neighborhood that walks her dog late in the evening with a wine glass FULL of red wine...makes sense to me; wine is suppose to be good for you and so is exercise, so why not combine them) came running up to me saying "Come here. Come here.  No. No. No! NO! Get down.  Be nice!"  She then apologized saying that the little rascal had just gotten away from her.  I told her that it was not a problem and it didn't scare me at all.  (Yeah right...)
I continued on my relaxing walk which brought me back to my house but decided to keep going.  I walked 2 more blocks, jamming out to music, looking down at the sidewalk, and remembering my little incident that had just occurred...when IT happened.  For some reason, I looked up and half a block away were 1 small black poodle, 1 small white poodle, and 1 huge black poodle (that had to be mixed with a St. Bernard) running full speed ahead for me.  
I immediately thought of Jurassic Park where the characters come in contact with T-Rex and just freeze because T-Rex can only see movement.  So, I decided to freeze and not move...hoping that they wouldn't be able to see me.  (And, also wishing I had worn camouflage so I could blend in more.)  The little black one arrived first and just starting jumping up on my legs.  Smiling at me.  Barking at me.  Then, the little white one arrived and copied the other dog.  As the St. Bernard Poodle got closer, the smaller ones decided to get out of his/her way.  The big one jumped up on my chest, stuck his tongue out, and tried to lick me.  Thankfully, their owner started calling them, which sent them running away from me and back home.  I decided I had had enough of this relaxing walk, turned around, headed home, and thought Prada was right...torture...oh, the torture of a walk.  You Live, You Learn.


  1. Loose dogs are why I'm nervous when taking my dogs out on a walk. I think you handled both encounters well, and you actually did the right thing with the poodles! If you stop and drop your eyes to the ground and relax your body, you're telling the dogs, "Hey, I'm not a threat. I'm cool, yo." Weird, huh?

    I like the lady who takes her walks with a glass of red wine. That's pretty awesome!

  2. NotSoAngryRedHead--There are lots of dogs and children in my neighborhood, and this makes my small dogs nervous. I guess they are scared because everything seems so huge to them. I'm glad I did the right thing with the Poodles!

    The lady that takes her dog for a walk and drinks RED wine at the same time does seem cool. I will try to get a picture of her and her dog. (Oh..and did I mention her dog is BRIGHT WHITE...)