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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A lot of changes have been happening in my life. Because of this, my blog updates have been very limited. Stay tuned to find out more. You Live, You Learn

Friday, July 17, 2009

Foto Friday

playing with webcam

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dog gestures

Check out this news article about how dogs can read human gestures as well as a 2-year old child. Very interesting.

You Live, You Learn.

Tune-riffic Tuesday

This month Tune-riffic Tuesday is focusing on Bitter:Sweet. Today's song is Dirty Laundry.

"Let's go to Mexico,
Drink Margaritas and sin"

You Live, You Learn

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sand dollars

For the 4th of July weekend, I went down to the beach. After getting Hope, Prada, and Louie set-up, I decided to go out for a walk. I had walked past the pier where the beach becomes private. I happened to see a huge group of seagulls sitting there. Some were watching me, while others watched the waves roll in.

As I got closer though, they flew away. Much to my amazement, they were sitting on sand dollars! Lots and lots of sand dollars. I immediately rushed over to pick them up. I reached down to pick the first one up and it immediately broke apart. So, I went for another one. The same thing happened. With so many around me, I wasn't worried...yet. I decided to dig into the sand around the next one and pick it up that way, but this also produced a broken sand dollar.

That's when I realized that the hundreds of sand dollars that the seagulls were sitting on/around, weren't actually sand dollars. Nope. Not at all. Not even close. The perfectly white, round, little lines making it look just like a sand dollar was seagull poop. Yup. How embarrassing. The seagull poop has seeped a little into the sand and was a perfect match for a sand dollar. I don't know which is worse: thinking that seagull poop was a sand dollar or it taking me multiple attempts to figure it out. You Live, You Learn.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tune-riffic Tuesday

This is the first Tuesday in July which means that Tune-riffic Tuesday will focus on a new Artist! This month, I have decided to focus on an artist that has a different sound from all of my other Tune-riffic Tuesday's. I really like their music. I love the beats, their voice, the sounds, the lyrics, and the different-ness but classy-ness they bring to the table.

This month Tune-riffic Tuesday will focus on..... Bitter:Sweet. Today's song is "The Bomb." You may recognize tune/song because it was the theme song for the television show "Lipstick Jungle." (Which, by the way, I LOVED and think it should still be on the air...) Their sound, to me, oozes New York exclusive apartment party. Their music has also been featured in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada."

You Live, You Learn

Friday, July 3, 2009

Foto Friday


Well, I'm packing!!! Getting ready to head to the beach for the 4th of July! Hope, Prada, and Louie see the luggage coming out, and they are getting excited. Hopefully, it won't be too hot for them. More details to come. You Live, You Learn.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tune-riffic Tuesday

This month's Tune-riffic Tuesday is focusing on PINK.

Today's tune is Sober by PINK on her FUNHOUSE CD.

"When it's good, then it's good, it's so good, 'til it goes bad
'Til you try to find the you that you once had
I've heard myself cry, never again
Broken down in agony, just trying to find a friend"

You Live, You Learn

Monday, June 29, 2009

Save Our Chairs

Well, this is the last post for the current Save Our Chairs campaign. I hope that you have been doing a great job. If you haven't, sometimes it's the thought that counts. Just keep that thought in mind and put it into action later on. Remember, small changes add up.

This week, I continued with my walk/jog, but didn't do it to my fullest extent. Also, I had a friend come and stay with me the weekend and decided to take a few days off from my walk/jog. I was extremely nervous of what the scale was going to say when I hopped on. So, I got the scale out and put one foot on...then reluctantly put the other foot on it. After a few seconds, I looked down to see what the damage was. To my utter amazement, I had lost more weight! I immediately jumped off and jumped back on to make sure the reading was going to be the same. Sure enough, it was. I had met my goal for the month. I had lost 10 pounds!! I started out at 194 and ended with 184.

I would preferably like to lose 5 more pounds so that I will be in the 170s. I am also about to start back working out to get my body a little leaner. I'm going to do P90X to help get myself in tip-top-shape...hopefully. Don't worry, I won't leave you out of this endeavor. You will be there all the pain!!! You Live, You Learn.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Foto Friday

Photo session with Tara's children. Check out her blog.
You Live, You Learn

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Which Watch? (update)

I have decided to go with Contestant Number 1!!! Remember, it's the grey Nooka watch with bubbles. It was the most popular by readers, and I think it will be the most versatile. I haven't decided if I am going to go ahead and get it or wait and get it for myself as a Christmas present. Thanks for all of you that voted!! You Live, You Learn.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tune-riffic Tuesday

This month Tune-riffic Tuesday is focusing on PINK and your latest CD "Funhouse." Today's song choice is.... "Crystal Ball." It is a slow, folksy style song that is about all the things she had wished for and had seen in a crystal ball disappearing and eluding her because there are cracks in the crystal ball.

"Love just needs a witness and a little forgiveness
And a halo of patience and a less sporadic pace
And I'm learning to be brave in my beautiful mistakes."

You Live, You Learn

Monday, June 22, 2009

Save Our Chairs

This past week I went on vacation (but I told everyone at work that I was "sick" and going to the "doctor" to get "treatment.") While down at the beach, I PIG-ED out. Yup. It's true. I still continued to go for walks/jogs everyday even though it was 100 degrees and the heat index was 110 degrees. Obviously, the heat helped me sweat more because somehow I have lost 1 more pound! YAY! So, that brings me down to 187.

Although I am extremely excited about 1 more pound lost, I was hoping to have lost more (even though I didn't try hard this past week.) But, considering the temperature and the heat index, I think I have been doing very good. I mostly only did 1 lap each day instead of 2 that I have been doing. So, with all this information, I do feel very proud to have lost 1 pound.

I hope you are doing a wonderful job too! I know you can do it.

I know that my posts lately haven't been a huge focus on Hope, Prada, Louie, or Dr. Feel. The main reason is that it's so hot (even inside with the AC) that they just chill out most of the day. Hopefully, this heat wave will decrease and more fun and exciting stuff will start back!

You Live, You Learn

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Foto Friday

Okay...So all this week I have been a day late on uploading my post. So sorry. Here is Foto Friday on Saturday! It's a photograph of me in the pool.
You Live, You Learn.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tune-riffic Tuesday

So... I forgot to post Tune-riffic Tuesday yesterday. So, here's Tune-riffic Wednesday!

This month Tune-riffic Tuesday will highlight PINK

Today's song is "Mean" by PINK. "Mean" is about when/how a relationship goes bad. It has a southern blues/rock feel to it. It starts out with a 30 second guitar intro. The words are so powerful and full of emotion. Full of hope, full of dreams, full of going back, full of faith, full of confusion.

(I do need to do a disclaimer because she does say 2 curse words in the 1st verse.)

"How did we get so mean?
How do we just move on?
How do you feel in the morning when it comes
And everything's undone?
Is it 'cause we wanna be free?
Well, that's not me.
Normally I'm so strong
I just can't wake up on the floor
Like a thousand times before
Knowing that forever won't be

I know we said somethings that we can never take back
It's like a train wreck, trying to hit the right track
We opened up the wine, and we just let it breathe
but we shoulda drank it down while it was still sweet
It all goes bad eventually"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Save Our Chairs

This is the 2nd week of Save Our Chairs campaign! Hope you are doing a great job. Again this week, I just focused on physical activity. (I continued with my jogging/walking.) Last week, I had only lost 1 pound and that was heart breaking. So, when I stepped on the scales this time, I knew not to get my hopes up.

SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! I stepped on the scales and boy was I shocked but in a great way. Remember, I started out at 192. Last week, I weighed in at 191. This week, I weigh 188. That's a total of 4 pounds! This puts me on track for a 10 pound loss by the end of the month. I'm so freaking excited about this. I know that it's only 4 pounds...but when you're losing weight...that's a lot. I'm really excited about what next week may hold.

This week, I will continue with my physical activity. I was going to try to work more on my nutrition, but I will be on vacation some this week. And, well, you know how it is when you're on vacation and you're on a "diet."

I hope that you are having great success. Please leave a comment and let me know how you're doing! Keep it up! You Live, You Learn.

Which watch?

Okay people! I need your help deciding which watch to get. The options are very futuristic, which I LOVE. They are very unique. I have been contemplating which one to get but I just can't decide. So... I need help! Below are the watches/descriptions. Comment to let me know which one! Thanks. (Click on the Contestant to see the watch.)

Contestant Number 1--Nooka Zub Zot GG 38 (Grey)
I LOVE it because it's different. I like the bubbles that represent the hours. I like the straight lines too. This version really doesn't have a lot of color options, so I chose grey. I would prefer white but reviewers have said it gets dirty and doesn't come clean. So, a grey one would be close to white and hide dirt. I could wear this one to work, out on the town, and jogging/exercising. It seems very versatile. This is the most expensive.

Contestant Number 2--Nooka Zub Zot YL 20 (Yellow)
I LOVE it because it's so similar to Contestant Number 1 but with more color choices. Again, I like the bubbles. Although this version has more color options, it doesn't have the straight lines of the wrist part. It's not a deal breaker though, but it does make it look more like other watches. I LOVE that it's bright because that would make me want to wear it! I could definitely wear it out on the town and jogging/exercising. I could even wear it to work. It might not be business-like but it definitely shows style and personality. This is $10 cheaper than Contestant Number 1.

Contestant Number 3--Tokyoflash Fire
I LOVE it because it is so futuristic. I haven't seen anyone with this. It's "so 3008, and everyone else is so 2000 and late." It's not any harder to tell time than the other watches. It doesn't always show the time. You have to press a button to show the time. I kinda like that because it shows time with LED lights and that would be bright all the time. Also, when it's not showing the time it looks so cool on the wrist. It looks like a speaker or something. I also love the silver and the LED colors. I could wear it to work, out on the town, and jogging/exercising. This is $50 cheaper than Contestant Number. In the price department, this is definitely in the lead.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


This post will be written in real time so you can get the full effect. I hope this goes well...

It's been a very long time since I've tried to truly cook something from scratch. Well, today I am breaking that very long time. (I have already given notice to the local fire department, and they are on stand-by.) I just got back from the store with all the ingredients that I need (well, hopefully all the ingredients...).

I get myself in some crazy situations. I believe that I can do anything if I just try. Well... Tara's (co-worker/friend) daughter is having a birthday party very soon. She found a cake online that she loved, and I opened my big mouth and said, "That looks so freaking easy and fun! That's just simple. Way simple. Way easy." (Me...the person that can't cook. And, yes she knows about my pork chop cooking incident.) So, I think you can imagine where this is going...I'm about to start on the birthday cake. The good news is that this is just a trial run. So, if it flops it's not a major set-back and a little girl won't be thinking that I ruined her birthday party.

I'm currently looking for the cake pans and the big blender.

It's not called a blender. It's called a mixer. Found all the stuff. Now, as a side note, I have never, ever, ever, ever, never baked anything in my life besides some cookies. (They weren't from scratch. They were the Pillsbury kind that you just break off, put on a cookie sheet, put in oven, take out of oven, and eat.) Another side note, when I was in high school I took Home Economics and could do a mean basket weave...go ahead and laugh...and go ahead and be impressed.

Becoming overwhelmed...

Blend dry mix, water, oil and eggs in large bowl at low speed until moistened (about 30 seconds). Beat at medium speed for 2 minutes. Ummm.. I don't see a "blend" button or a "beat" button. Becoming slightly more overwhelmed...

I think I'm "beating" it right now.

I'M IN A DELIMNA...I don't know about cakes rising up and stuff. I don't know how much to put in each cake pan. Oh Lord...

Almost finished with the second cake batter mix. Still don't know about the rising of the cake...

"Beating," "Blending," "Whipping," "Whatevering" to the third cake mix. I've decided to fill the cake pans almost 3/4 full. This is either gonna be good...bad...or ugly.

Cake pans just went into the oven. Thank God I didn't have to try to fit another cake pan in there. I'm gonna go ahead and clean up my mess. Still very nervous about this rising of the cakes business.

Just finished cleaning up. Happened to look at the oven and OMG the cake pans are filling up fast! Again, this is either gonna be good, bad, or ugly...

I've pulled up a chair, and I am staring at the cakes baking. Looking for any sign of rising over the cake pan.

Oh my my my. One cake pan is to the brim and another is on it's way! (I'm breathing like I am in labor... he he who who he he who who). My oven mittens are on stand-by in case I have to pull them out. But, if I pull them out that will mess up the baking process. (It will save me from having to clean up a really big mess though.) But, then I will have to start all over again.

The oven timer just went off and just in the nick of time. I think 2 of the cake pans are about to over-flow!

I stuck of fork in them, and they aren't done. Ugh. Please don't overflow! (In the meantime, I need to look up the number to "Merry Maids." Just in case this gets messy.)

Hope is begging to go outside. Ugh. Uh-oh...the oven timer just went off.

Cakes are still not done, but I did find the number to "Merry Maids." (They won't be so "merry" if they have to clean this up...)

Louie and Prada just peaked their head around the door. They saw I was still cooking and turned around and headed back to their bed.

One cake pan is ready!

Hope just reminded me that she is still outside and wants back in right now!

All of the cake pans are finished! Oh Lord...Now all I have to do is decorate.

The store didn't have blue icing. So, I bought white and I now have to try to get it blue. I'm putting all of the icing (I hope I have enough) into a big bowl so the blue will be the same blue on each cake level. (PS, I didn't think of this. It was written on the icing container. Very smart!)

Taking some Advil. If this cake turns out right...Tara will have to just keep this one for the birthday party. I don't know if I can do this again.

I think I have the icing the color I would like it to be. The cakes still need to cool off more. Can I put them in the fridge? Nah, I'm not gonna try that.

Cakes have cooled off. About to start the icing process. Feeling overwhelmed again...

Just finished icing the bottom and middle layer. It's not looking like I had expected, but I'm not finished. Working on the cake topper right now.

I give up. The icing didn't do right, or either I didn't know how to do it. I did a pretty good topper though! But, then I started doing the decorating along the sides of the first and second layer. I thought I had bought frosting tubes, but it was gel that you mix with icing to change the color of the icing. Tara will just have to hire someone. On a very positive note, the hardest part (the topper) looks pretty good even though it's not finished. Below is a picture of what the cake is suppose to look like. There's also a picture of my cake. You Live, You Learn.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This morning I went for a very brief jog.  Maybe I shouldn't have...  I was on the phone (so at this point I was walking) when it came out of no where! I heard someone coming up behind me so I moved over to the edge of the sidewalk so he could pass.  All of a sudden a spider the size of a kitten jumped up out of the grass and onto my ankle.  I immediately held my breath and prayed to God.  I didn't want the person on the phone to think I was crazy (because I wanted to scream like a little girl), or the guy coming up behind me to think I was crazy (because I wanted to scream like a little girl AND jump around kicking and shaking).  I immediately stopped and moved my left leg towards my right leg (the one with the spider on it) to try to scare him...well it worked.  (But not like I wanted it too...)  He ran UP my leg to my knee! (I am shivering just thinking about it.)  I did a little jig and the kitty-sized spider finally jumped off.  I'm beginning to re-think this jogging thing.  You Live, You Learn.

Tune-riffic Tuesday

(This month Tune-riffic Tuesday is focusing on PINK.)

Today's "Tune" is.... "It's All Your Fault" by Pink

"It's All Your Fault" deals with falling in love and breaking up.  After the break up, Pink is blaming all of the hurt, pain, and feelings that she has on her ex because "it's all his fault."  It's an upbeat song with a rock twist and a slight techno feel.  It's full of emotion and the raspy voice that I LOVE! 

As a little side may recognize the instrumental segment at the beginning.  It is a slightly twisted version of the opening instrumental segment of "Who Knew" by Pink.

"Its all your fault
You called me beautiful
You turned me out
And now I can't turn back
I hold my breath
Because you were perfect
But I'm running out of air
And it's not fair"

You Live, You Learn

Click on the first "It's All Your Fault" and "Who Knew" to hear the songs.

Monday, June 8, 2009


While jogging today, I came up on a huge frog.  I immediately froze.  Not because I was scared (well, slightly), but because I didn't want to scare him away.  I got a little closer and he still didn't jump.  So, I got a little closer.  I then bent down to get a closer look.  That is when I realized that he wasn't a frog...nope, not a frog at all...not even close.  What I thought was a huge frog (and why I thought this, I don't know) was a big pile of dog mess! I burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.  LOVE it.  Wouldn't change it. 

You Live, You Learn

Save Our Chairs

Save Our Chairs campaign
End of week 1

Last week I decided to focus on physical activity instead of nutrition to help me towards the goal of losing 2 pounds per week.  I decided to pick back up jogging.  I have been dabbling in it again for a little while now, but decided to commit to it like I used to.  To try to progress back up to a true jog, my game plan this week has been to walk for 1 song and jog for 1 song.  I figured this way at least I would know that there was an end in sight by knowing when the song was getting ready to end!  (You really realize just how long a song is...)

This game plan has worked out pretty good.  I even would jog for 2 or 3 songs in a row.  I have been feeling very good about my new schedule and have been looking forward to my walk/jog.  After stepping on the scale today and seeing that I was only 1 pound lighter...that was a little disappointment.  However, I know that it's faster to gain than to lose (only when dealing with weight...), so I wasn't too disappointed.  And, a pound lost is a pound lost.  Also, my legs have gotten a little tighter to.  So, I suppose it all works out. 

Walking/jogging makes me feel good, and I look forward to it.  To me, it's not a total lost.  I also know that maybe if I continue, more weight with fall off, and if I would change nutrition it would come off a little faster too.  I don't eat horrible, but it could be better.  I think I'm still going to focus on physical activity this week and see what happens with that.  

Leave a comment and let me know how you have done this first week!  Remember, it's only the first week!

Being fit isn't just about physical activity or nutrition, it's about a lifestyle.  A healthier lifestyle.

You Live, You Learn.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Foto Friday

Today's Foto Friday comes from a pregnancy photo shoot that I did about three months ago.  It is one of my favorite from that session.  
You Live, You Learn.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bloggy Award...

Guess what?!?!  I got awarded the Bloggy Award!  I feel so honored to have received this award.  (Below is the review that my blog received.)  I would like to thank everyone who takes time out of their day and reads my blog.  Lately, it has been a little slow on my blog, but that's definitely about to change.  So, get ready for a real good time!  Once again, thank you for reading my blog and thanks for the Bloggy Award!
You Live, You Learn

The Water Bowl
The Water Bowl is the blog of Adam and his beloved pets. As you can see from the blog URL, he has three dogs and a fish.

Visual Aesthetics - 10
The Water Bowl uses a two-column template, making the most out of the space. There are interesting and relevant photos scattered throughout the posts, which add to the viewing experience. Certain words are also highlighted, colored, and scattered throughout the posts, giving an added element to the visuals.

User Friendliness - 8
With regard to page load times and navigation according to timeline, The Water Bowl does excellently. I would have loved for Adam to use more links within his posts. For example, when writing about the Georgia Aquarium, he could have linked to the official web site for more information.

Reading Enjoyment - 10
Who will not have a good time reading about dogs and fish? I also like how there are themed days. There are tune-riffic Tuesdays and Foto Fridays. Excellent way to put focus in the blog.

Useful Info - 7
A couple of fronts from which you can find useful info in The Water Bowl: music and possible destinations. There is not much practical info but the enjoyment makes up for it.

Overall Experience - 8
The Water Bowl makes for wonderful light reading. Adam’s personality shines through, and I think you’ll like what you will find.

I need your thoughts...

Yesterday, after a media event and meetings, a co-worker and I stopped real quick into Petland to look at some dogs.  (She is thinking about getting a dog for her daughters.) There was a French Bulldog there that I just HAD to play with.  

I have been thinking that if anything happened to Hope, would I get another dog or not?  I had decided that if I did get another dog it would be a French Bulldog.  I have been specifically looking for an all white (maybe 1 black spot) female.  I had read that a female Frenchie may be more likely to cooperate with your exciting pets than a male Frenchie.  

The French Bulldog was perfect...all white, no black spots, energetic...but she was a he.  So, I was a little disappointed, but still I wanted to play with him.  Boy is he FULL of energy!!!!!! (Lots and lots of energy.) He is definitely in a chewing phase because he wanted to gnaw my hands, fingers, wrists, shirt, ears, glasses, cell phone, tennis shoes, pants leg...everything.  I think he has so much energy because he is cooped up all day and only gets out when someone wants to pet him.  Hopefully, his energy will calm down a little bit once he can run around more freely.  Or, Louie and Prada will be chewing toys!!!

Needless to say, the energetic French Bulldog is still at Petland.  I had a wonderful visit with him though.  I don't know exactly what I should do about him.  There aren't really any French Bulldog breeders close by, so it was looking like I was going to have to do some major research because it looked like I was going to have to buy one online.  I really want to be able to interact with a dog before purchasing, so the Petland Frenchie meeting was great!  He is definitely full of energy and not a sick puppy!

When I got home Louie went berserk! He obviously smelled the Frenchie on me.  He wanted me to hold him all night long...while he sniffed me... ugh. I know that there will be an adjustment period (if I get a new dog), but I hope that Louie and Prada are willing to cooperate.  Prada was wanting to sniff me the whole night too.  

Do you have any thoughts?

You Live, You Learn

He has half of a treat bone in his mouth and the other half is by his feet.  So funny. LOVE his expression.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tune-riffic Tuesday

This month Tune-riffic Tuesday is going to showcase.... PINK!  Her latest CD "Funhouse" is a wonderful CD.  It talks about her divorce and love lost.  Each song has so much emotion and rawness to it.  All of the songs are very personal to her and that makes the CD seem so much more real.  It is one of my all time favorite CDs.

Today's Pink song highlight is "I Don't Believe You." (Click "I Don't Believe You" to hear it)

You Live, You Learn

Monday, June 1, 2009

Save the Chairs

Don't forget the SAVE THE CHAIRS campaign starts today!  If you want to participate, just leave a comment with your starting weight, height, and how much weight you hope to lose this month!  If you want to remain anonymous, you need to click on the "comment as anonymous" button before you post your comment.  After the temperature drops a couple of degrees, I'm gonna head to the park for a walk/jog.

You Live, You Learn

Friday, May 29, 2009

Foto Friday

This is a picture of the diesel that was engulfed in flames near my subdivision.  Sorry the quality of the photo isn't the best.  I took it with my phone.  I almost went home and got my camera and took more pictures, but I didn't know I would have seen things I didn't want too... 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Save our chairs's time to save our chairs.  We save the whales, we save the's time to save the chairs too.  Chairs are under a lot of strain.  Many have even died after too much weight has been added on top of them.  It's time to stop this cruel and unusual punishment.  Give chairs the right to live.  SAVE OUR CHAIRS!!!

I'm starting this campaign because I hear the silent cries coming from chairs when I sit down.  It's time to drop a few pounds and let our chairs live "happily ever after."  

Don't be selfish.  Chairs need love too.  Wooden chairs, metal chairs, fabric and leather upholstered chairs...don't discriminate.  Don't hate. the "Save Our Chairs" campaign.

Detailed information:
  • The first "Save Our Chairs" campaign starts June 1 and ends June 30. (2009)
  • The goal of "Save Our Chairs" is to lose 10 pounds during the campaign.  (2 pound per week)
  • To sign up, simply leave a comment stating your weight, height, and your weight loss goal for the campaign.
  • If you would like to participate anonymously: type your comment then click "comment anonymously" then click on "post comment."
  • Each Monday there will be a blog post about the "Save our Chairs" campaign where you can leave a comment letting everyone know your progress.  

PS...Let me know what you think about my poster too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When I grow up...

If Hope, Prada, and Louie were humans what would they be doing career-wise?  

Hope.  She would be retired by now.  She would have had a wonderful life as a nurse or perhaps a doctor.  She is always right beside you every step of the way.  She wants to make sure you're doing okay and if at any time you need her all you have to do is just ask.  OR perhaps she would be a teacher.  Louie is in this stage where everything is his if he wants it to be and no one can see it, touch it, smell it, or look in the general direction of it without him causing a scene.  Hope waits until he walks away and then sneaks over there and grabs whatever and goes and hides it.  She's trying to teach him a lesson (or maybe she would be a robber...)

Prada.  She would be a chef.  She is always in the kitchen sniffing on the floor looking for any stray crumbs that might have fallen.  She will eagerly eat them and let you know if she likes it or not.  And, every time you are in the kitchen opening up the fridge or cabinets, she comes running in hoping to have a taste of whatever it is you're getting out.  OR perhaps she would be a bodyguard.  Whenever Louie barks at me (not in an angry way), she will come running out of no where and slam into him.  She then will grab one of his hind legs in her mouth and pull causing him to fall down.  She will then sometimes try to pin him down by jumping on him.  (Would that have made her the bully in school...)

Louie.  He would be some sort of supervisor.  If you are outside watering the flowers/yard, there he is supervising to make sure you are doing it right.  Every now and then he will give a bark or yelp.  (I suppose he is giving out orders.)  If you are doing laundry, he is right there watching your every move and again, he will give a bark or a yelp.  If you reading a book on the couch or bed or where ever, he wants up there with you so he can look over your shoulder at the book.  (He LOVES doing this with a magazine, and I don't know why.) OR perhaps he would be the nosey neighbor that stops you to tell you how you should be doing everything.  (Perhaps he's like an in-law hahaha)

You Live, You Learn