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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love Monkey...

Yesterday was a jammed packed day of fun.  I got up at o'dark thirty (an Alabama saying for "the crack of dawn") to get the new Kelly Clarkson CD.  I wanted to get it and come back home to workout to the CD before heading to work.  Prada and Louie looked at me like "Umm...what are you doing up so early?" (Hope didn't realize I was gone until I got back.  Bless her heart.)  Obviously, music releases are not a huge event in Alabama because I couldn't find the CD.  Well, at one place I found it but they didn't have the Limited Edition that I wanted.  (They also didn't feel the need to go and check in the back but's all good.)  So, I didn't get the CD until almost mid-morning, but hey, that's okay.  So, all day yesterday I jammed out to this AWESOME CD.  And just so you know... "I'm not your love monkey...So... why-ya why-ya  whyyawannabringmedown."  (Listen to the CD to understand that lyrical line.)
For lunch, some co-workers took me out to Olive Garden to continue celebrating my birthday.  Wahoo!  Loved it. (Just so you know, I celebrate my birthday the whole month of March.)  Oh, did I love it.  I'm not going to name off how many soup and salad bowl refills I had because boy was it a lot.  (On a bright side, at least my co-workers got their money's worth for my lunch.)  Since I had a short work day yesterday, I decided to do some yard work...
I walked outside and Prada and Louie were running around in the grass and just having a blast in the warm, sunshiny day.  I heard my next door neighbors arguing in their yard.  I tried to listen but my hearing is horrible.  So I dashed inside to grab my Listen Up Personal Sound Modification Device (an "As Seen on TV" thing I found at WalMart) and out the door I went ready to be nosey.  Just my luck, once I got back outside their argument was over.  Ugh...  
Once Prada and Louie saw me getting my yard-working utensils, they immediately ran inside the sunroom with their noses pressed up against the floor to ceiling windows waiting, watching, looking for something to go wrong.  (They are so supportive.)  I did such a good job pruning the rose bushes that I decided to do a little more.  So, I started pruning back my monkey grass.  (I should have stopped while I was ahead.)  Because the monkey grass had gotten big and bushy and out of control, I kinda had to just dig into it and just prune some of it back blindly.  I pruned back more than just monkey grass...I cut the power cord for the fountain and tripped up the power outlets for the backyard.  Luckily, I didn't get shocked!  I first thought that I had just cut the extension cord for the water fountain, but nope I never do anything easy.  I cut the water pump power cord.  To my surprise, I was able to purchase a water pump that would work for my fountain at Lowe's and only for $30 dollars.  I'm so surprised that I didn't hurt myself.  
After the yard work and the trip to Lowe's to fix my yard working mistakes, I turned on WhyYaWannaBringMeDown off of Kelly's CD and just jammed out to it by jumping up and down and singing (off key).  Pretty soon Prada and Louie were copying me and jumping up and down and barking like they were having a groovy, good time right along with me.  (I hope they weren't barking to try to cover up my horribly off-key vocals.)  You Live, You Learn.


  1. I am glad that you did not shock yourself. I guess you will have to start watching a gardening show just as you watch cooking shows to help you with cooking. Also, I think that Prada and Louie love when you are acting crazy and it was probably just their way of joining in on the fun and not really them trying to drown out your singing off key.

  2. I don't think gardening shows will help...the cooking shows haven't. Hahaha.
    Oh and...have you heard my singing???? haha.

  3. Sounds like you had a blast :) Glad you were able to get off work and have some fun!

  4. Oh, and posting a comment and having to type that little "can you see this word" code thing reminded me... i was filling out a form online yesterday and the "can you see this word" code thing was "86 FUK". Seriously... I even showed Paul to make sure I wasn't seeing things...

  5. Oh my gosh...that is WAY too funny. I wish you had a picture of it hahahahahaha