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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tooth Fairy...

Last night, Hope, Prada, and Louie were sitting with me on the couch watching HGTV.  Prada got excited for some reason and wanted to play.  So, after multiple attempts (due to her weight...), she finally jumped up onto the back of the couch and ran full force ahead and jumped on my shoulder.  She started barking and wagging her tail and lifting her paw up for me to shake her hand.  She then smiled at me and I noticed something...she was missing a tooth!  (Bottom row...middle tooth)  I told her that even though I didn't know where the tooth was, I was sure the Tooth Fairy would have something for her in the morning.  (I knew exactly where it was...she had probably swallowed it while gulping down her food. But, I'm just saying.  I cannot confirm nor deny.)
So, this morning I gave her a doggie treat.  I didn't want to give her food, but considering the fact that all the doggie stores had closed by the time I found out she had lost a would have to work.  Prada has to go back to the doctor very soon (I have yet to make the appointment...) for a check-up on the progress of her weight loss.  I'm afraid she has gained weight instead which is going to make me look like I am a bad parent.  The diet pill she is taking works by attaching to "fat particles" which the Vet said I needed to switch her to a high in fat dog food.  Well, of course, she's going to have gained weight because she is eating more fat. (She was previously on weight-loss dog food.)  And, of course she eats ALL of her food...fat is what makes it taste good!  
I try to limit her food to only her's and not Louie's and Hope's.  I try to play with her everyday more than I have in the past.  She LOVES for me to take off running in the house so she can run behind me trying to catch me. So, what have I been doing???  Running around my house like a lunatic.  (I'm sure if the neighbors peek in my windows they think they are living beside a crazy person.) But, she still hasn't lost weight.  She looks like she has gained it.  Maybe the Vet will recommend a higher dosage of medication or maybe to go back to the weight-loss dog food.  Now that warmer weather is here and that there is more sunshine in the afternoon, I can start taking her out on daily walks to help with her weight-loss endeavor.  We've got to do something because the swimsuit I bought her last year....doesn't fit...AT ALL.  You Live, You Learn.


  1. Awww, it's so hard to make pets lose weight. A year ago, 2 of my cats were overweight and 1 was normal weight. They all got put on feeding regimes.

    About 6 months ago, 1 of the fatty cats was back to normal weight, and fatty #2 was still a bit overweight and VERY ANNOYING! He'd get his bowl of food and inhale all of it! So I took a trick I'd learned while working at a dog kennel - I began tossing his kibble on the steps so he'd have to work for his meal. Plus it'd slow him down. It's also had the bonus of teaching him to not attack us when we're prepping his food.

    Anyway, I'm sure he thinks it's a game, and he has to use his senses to find every little bit. Once he's done, the dogs round up any stray bits he couldn't find. He's now maybe 1 lb from normal, and in the past 3 months, he's gotten leaner much quicker and is moving/playing a lot more. It was getting over that hurdle that was the worst.

    In other words, I feel your pain with overweight pets, and it's really just going to take time. Are you thinking about taking her off the meds? I wonder if just switching her to a lean-meat, no-grain diet would work? Can you tell that I've done a lot of pet food research? lol

    Does she chase laser pointers? Tug-of-war is a great game too, but a lot of times you have to teach dogs how to play that one.

    I wonder how she lost the tooth... MYSTERIES!

    Best of luck with it all! I hope she's lost weight despite your fears!

  2. That is a very good idea about creating a trail so she can exercise a little and slow down her eating. I will have to put Hope and Louie in another room so they wouldn't eat it for her, but that will be okay.

    I'm just going to wait and see what the Vet thinks about the dosage of her medication or if she should stop taking it. Switching her to a lean-meat diet could be a very good idea too.

    She doesn't chase a laser pointer or a flashlight. She does like tug-of-war, and I play that game with her too. It's just so confusing...

    (Yes, I can def tell that you've done your pet food research! Also, it's fun to know that you used to work at a dog kennel.)

  3. Start taking her out on your walks that you like to go on.
    And REALLY - you bought her a swim suit - I need to see a picture of this once she looses her weight. Too funny!!!

  4. I took her out for a 25 minute walk yesterday. She ran when she saw me getting the her harness and leash. I think it's because she really hasn't been around other dogs and when we go walking they bark. But, I keep talking to her the whole time. (I know I look like a crazy person thinking that she is my child...) But, Louie doesn't like to be left out soooo he actually jumped on my leg till I got his harness and leash. We are ALL (minus Hope) going for another walk today. It's a HUGE workout for me because they LOVE to tangle me up in their leashes.

    Yes...she has a swimsuit. I bought it last year and even then it was almost too tight on her. I will try to put it on her today and take a picture! Louie has a little beach shirt too!

  5. Oh, I don't make a trail - that'd be too easy. For dogs, it's much easier than with cats, and dogs seem to enjoy hide-and-seek games. I've done the hide-and-seek game with my dogs - not for feeding issue reasons but just for fun. They get a chance to put their noses to work and get rewards for when they do it right. It's good stuff. You can put a little bit under plastic cups so she has to tip the cup over to get at the food. Stuff like that. It's actually fun to watch as well. They get so excited when they get their first big find and then start hunting around for more.

    Good job on the walk! Keep it up! In no time, you'll have a little furry Marylin Monroe. Oh la la.

  6. OOOHHH! I get it now! Hide-and-Seek with the food. I will try it tonight. Thanks for all the advice. And, yes, I may have a little furry Marylin Monroe on my hands soon haha.