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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Swirling Snow Monster...

Yup, I woke up this morning to finish my packing and this is what I saw... (It's snowing even harder and faster now.)

Now, I'm really worried about my flight because we are suppose to get 1 - 2 inches, but the airport is suppose to get 3 - 6 inches.  According to their website, my flight is still scheduled and still on time.  I'm sure that will change.
Hope, Prada, and Louie were barking to go outside.  (If they only knew what was waiting for them.)  I could tell Hope thought that something was different, but she just ran out and peed and ran right back.  Louie was actually a little braver and tried catching snowflakes in his mouth.   However, the wind started picking up the snow and swirling it around him...he got really scared.  He peed and ran inside trying to get away from the swirling snow monster.  Prada was not happy about this new "stuff" flying around and on the ground.  She stopped and peed about an inch outside the back door and immediately wanted in.    
(This is the second time they have ever experienced snow.)  Well, I've got to finish packing for my trip...if I get to go today.  You Live, You Learn.


  1. That's so crazy! My sister got snow in Columbus, GA. 5"! Phew. I'm glad it missed me though. I'm wanting my tropical plants to stay outside until November now, and gosh, my dogs would have been ridiculous. Blah.

  2. It really is crazy! One day it's 70 and the next day snow....and in Alabama. Columbus, GA isn't far from me. The funny thing is some areas got 3-5 inches, and some places just got an inch. I LOVE reading your blog (NotSoAngryRedHead). I'm not the best in the yard, but I feel like I can do it when I read your blog. (And yes, my dogs didn't like the snow haha)