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Friday, March 6, 2009

Redknees NOT Rednecks...

Well, I never experienced any ghostly encounters, not even a "Casper the Friendly Ghost" encounter.  However, there is something mysteriously wrong with Place D'Armes.  My hotel room was on the 4th floor.  I went down the first flight of stairs I came too which was dimly light with a 15 watt bulb.  Very dark.  Very eerie.  I went up a flight and it was pitch black with a sign that said "Do Not Enter"...And I did not enter.  I got back on the 4th floor and went down the 2nd staircase.  I started out on the 4th floor but then was immediately on the 2nd floor.... Where did the 3rd floor go?... (I turned around and ran back to the 4th floor where I felt more confident and knew that it actually existed.)   In another flight of stairs, you open the door and it's an immediate drop off with NO warning.  Needless to say, I stuck with the elevator which was only big enough for me and my 1 suitcase because I knew exactly where I would end up. (I think the elevator shaft was originally a very small closet.)
The Britney Spears concert "Circus" was amazing.  It was a HUGE production with 3 circle stages.  My first favorite part of the concert was during the magician act performance.  While Britney was performing a magician made her disappear and then re-appear on the opposite side of the stage! Then the magician made Britney get in a tall box where you could still see her face.  He then put a huge blade in the box and spilt her into 3 separate boxes with her still performing!  It was crazy fun.  My next favorite part was where these guys fell from the ceiling wrapped up in sheets (like Cirque Du Soleil). And if that wasn't fun enough, one of the guys grabbed Britney and spun her all over the place!  She didn't have a harness or anything.  She was totally trusting that guy. (Guess he was more trustworthy than K. Fed.) Loved it!
I'm now down at the beach and the puppies are so freaking excited.  They jumped in the travel crate excited that they would get to go on this trip.  After spending the last two weeks feeling like I either lived in a freezer or Alaska, it's nice to thaw out at the beach in 70 degree weather.  With the weather just gorgeous, I went out on the beach and began reading my new book "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova.  I apparently got drawn into the book a little too much.  I started feeling my legs get warm but then I got really interested in the book and forgot that my legs were burning.  Now, the back of my knees are BRIGHT RED...and hurting.  It currently looks crazy.  Extremely crazy because they are the only things that are red.  Who knew you needed to put sunblock on the back of your knees too... You Live, You Learn.
(Below is a picture of the wig that I it.  Check it out.  The funny thing is, I used to have my hair very similar haha).


  1. I have always told you - Blonde's have more FUN!!!!!

  2. I am thinking about letting my hair grow out again and having it bright blonde--like it used to be.

  3. You're beautiful, you're beautiful, red knees! I saw your face in a crowded place - oh you're beautiful red knees!