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Monday, March 2, 2009

Fudge, Flowers, & Balloons...

Today is my 25th birthday.  I woke up, got ready, and headed straight to The Fudgery Fudge Shop located at the River Walk Mall in New Orleans to immediately start celebrating my birthday.  I LOVE The Fudgery Fudge Shop here.  There is a woman named Sunshine that works there.  She is always smiling and singing.  Watching her make fudge and singing is a must do when I'm in New Orleans.  Today, I got a was her birthday too!!!  So, the crowd sang "Happy Birthday to her"...then to me...then "Happy Anniversary" to a couple who's anniversary is tomorrow.  After eating my free samples of fudge, I decided to try my luck at the slots.  
Lady Luck didn't show up today.  I lost $40 dollars but won $12.17.  So, I guess she did make a small appearance but I wanted a grand entrance.  Oh well.  An interesting side note: I got a margarita at the casino and it was actually the best free casino drink I have had.  After the casino, I headed for the French Market.  It wasn't the best today.  Nothing caught my attention.  (Again, I guess Lady Luck made a small appearance to save me some money.)  For lunch I had a shrimp po'boy and canjun fries.  After I finished my meal, the canjun fries finally caught my mouth on fire.  Thank God I had ordered a large drink.  
New Orleans is FILLED with fun and/or interesting characters, and I just so happened to run into the "balloon lady."  I'm walking to Jackson Square and this crazy looking lady just grabs me and says "Oh what did you win?! Oh what oh what oh what oh what did you win?" (I was wearing my "Happy Birthday" buttons.)  I said, "Oh nothing, it's just my birthday."  She pulled me in closer and said, "I'll make you a special hat."  I said, "Oh, you don't have to do that at all."  She said, "I insist."  A minute or two later and my "special" hat was finished.  And, instead of handing it to me...she jumped up and snuggled it on my head.  I said, "Oh...ummm....thanks!"  She replied with, "Well I don't make those for free.  I accept donations."  I asked her if she had change for a dollar, but she acted like she didn't.  (I gave her two dollars instead.)
After immediately going to the hotel to drop off my "special" hat, I located a flower shop.  I bought some gorgeous orange and yellow roses and headed back to The Fudgery Fudge Shop to spread a little bit of "Sunshine."  I arrived a few moments too late.  Sunshine had gotten a little sick and went home a few minutes early.  I told the other employees that I had bought these for her since it was her birthday and she always makes me smile when I am in town.  One employee pulled out her cell phone and called Sunshine letting her know she had a surprise when she arrived at work tomorrow.  She handed me the phone, and I told her that I thoroughly enjoy her fudge making shows and just wanted to spread a little sunshine.  She almost cried.  She arrives back at work bright and early in the morning.  I hope she likes the roses.  A small gesture of kindness goes a long way.  You Live, You Learn.


  1. I have done several nice things for you and why haven't I received some nice flowers? Just kidding - that was very sweet of you to take that lady some flowers.

  2. I used to bring fresh flowers to work every week so in a way they were yours too. :)