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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(A)lligator (B)erries (C)ash...

I was reading one of my favorite blogs last week ("Blog for Not So Angry Redhead"--the link can be found under My Blog List) when I saw that she had planted some strawberries.  Well, this got me thinking...why can't I grow my own strawberries?  (I really like fresh strawberries and strawberry margaritas!)  At least I wouldn't have to worry about pesticides and food recalls.  So, I got up early on Saturday and headed out to local stores to find the best ones.  (The pups knew that if I was leaving early that I was up to something...)  Come to find out, WalMart had the best looking ones.  So, I decided to buy 2 different kinds (Quinalt & Fresa), 2 clay strawberry pots, and vegetable soil (Yes, I know that a strawberry is a fruit...).  Once I got home, I got overwhelmed.  There were so many holes in the pots that I didn't know how to fill them up with my plants without the soil spilling out.  I somehow managed not to waste too much soil, and I am very pleased with how they turned out.  Now, I just have to worry about Prada and Louie eating them before I do!
After being out in the sun working on my strawberry planters, I decided that this weekend would be a great time to head down to the beach.  I decided to make it an extended stay and took Monday and Tuesday off from work.  Prada and Louie got SO excited when I started messing with their travel crate.  I think they got really excited when they saw me packing my swim trunks because they knew we were heading for the beach!  I think Prada was more excited because she knew she wouldn't have to go for long walks at the beach hahaha.  Dogs aren't allowed to walk on the beach, so we are just restricted to the parking lot, and I don't want her paws to get scorched.  (The white sand could scorch her paws too.)   So, she REALLY likes to go to the beach.  Prada might not get to go for long walks, but I sure can!
I got up in the mornings and went for 5.5 mile walks.  I started out walking through the environmentally, protected wetlands and then walked through the city to get back to my condo.  I'm always cautious when walking through the wetlands because of alligators. (Another reason Prada doesn't go for walks down there...)  The first day went great.  No wild animals except for birds.  The second day got a little bit spicier.  Of course, I wore my sunglasses which aren't prescription, so starting off things were slightly out of focus.  I'm was about 1 mile into the wetlands when I glanced to my left and noticed something!  I start walking closer and yup, it was cash.  I couldn't make out how much though because I didn't have my glasses on.  Just as I bend over to pick it up I started thinking...what if a gang of alligators got together and set a trap...  So, as I bend over to pick it up, I snatch it up really fast and started walking even faster.  Not gonna be bit today!  (Turned out to only be a dollar, but I was still happy!)  I get another mile into the wetlands and notice a huge bird standing in the water.  So, I slowed down and got closer.  The bird was staring into the water waiting for a fish to snatch up.   All of a sudden, I realized that there was a "log" floating in between me and the bird.  Then, I realized that this "log" had eyes and was either watching me or the bird.  I focused in on the alligator and got just a step closer (to make sure it was indeed an alligator) and all of a sudden he (or she) just dipped below the water out of my sight. I said "Oh, hell no." And, turned my leisurely stroll into a marathon paced run.  I rewarded myself with a sausage biscuit from Hardee's!  You Live, You Learn.
(P.S. When I go out for my walks / jogs I ALWAYS have my "Road ID" on.  It is an athletic bracelet that has: your name, your city, emergency contact information, allergies, etc.  It's a great device in case something were to happen to you.  In my case, hopefully, the alligator would have chomped down on everything but that arm...  Find out more at


  1. Ha! Alligators terrify me! I used to have dreams when I was little (and still do) about alligators living in the pond on my parents' property. One would grab me, and I'd end up breaking its jaws (magically). Very random and rather dull at this point.

    Good job on the pot! Careful not to plant the strawberries too deep - you want to see just a little bit of the root and the root crown shouldn't have dirt near it. We lost a few strawberry plants from planting them too deep.

  2. I don't like alligators either except for fake ones (ie stuffed animals (teddy bear), funny cartoon toy ones, or the logos on shirts (Izod)..I did find an alligator water gun and I really liked it).

    Thanks for the advice on the strawberry plants. I will check on them when I get off of work!