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Friday, May 22, 2009

Georgia Aquarium

Last weekend, I drove over to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium.  Although, I live pretty close this was my first visit.  It wasn't exactly as big as I had imagined it.  Everyone that has been to it says how huge it is.  So, I suppose with child-like imagination, I had blown the hugeness factor way out of proportion and was slightly let down by how big it really was.  

I woke up that morning in a horrible mood.  I don't really know why.  So, I was slightly irritated all day long.  (Slightly irritated is an understate...but I cannot confirm nor deny.)  When I got there, they were doing construction and people weren't helpful as to where I was suppose to park.  (I had already paid for parking, but couldn't find that parking deck.  So, I had to pay for parking again...)  There was a long line, but it moved really quickly.  Once you give them your ticket, you continue moving through the line to the entrance.  Right before you get to the entrance, the line gets backed up because they are taking pictures of everyone that enters.  (You can purchase these later.)  Well, I wasn't in the mood for a picture, and I knew I wouldn't buy it so I tried to move on through.  The lady stopped me and said in an overly bright cheery voice, "Hey sir and welcome!!!  You will have to wait a second.  It's not your turn for your picture." And then gave me a huge smile.  I replied, "I brought my own camera.  I don't need your picture.  I'm not here for a picture of myself.  I didn't drive this far for a picture of myself especially in front of a blue velvet background."  And with that, I was allowed to quickly enter the building.  (See...I told ya I was not in a good mood...)

Once inside, I start exploring.  After looking at a few fish (by pushing my way through the massive group of not go on a Saturday...), I wished I had brought along Dr. Feel.  It would have been a wonderful voyage for him.  A glimpse of his cousins (maybe) and all that water.  I got real sad that I hadn't brought him until I say the huge whales.  That would have made him really scared!  (I suppose he wouldn't know the difference if I just filled up the bathtub and threw in some plastic fish.)  Plus, security probably wouldn't have let him in.  

After exploring, I walked back outside.  Right beside the Georgia Aquarium is the "World of Coke."  It's a Coca-Cola bottling facility that gives tours.  They were standing outside giving away a free coke.  So, I went and claimed mine.  It tasted so good, and it was ice cold.  I didn't get to enjoy my Coke for long because the clouds started floating in warning of rain.  So, I went back to the parking deck to head over to Lenox Square Mall.  I made it to the parking deck just in time before the rain started.  

The mall was mostly a disappointment.  I mainly wanted to go to that mall because they have a Puma store there, and I am in need of some new tennis shoes.  I walked in the store, and the whole place is full of clothes.  There are only 10 shoes out for display.  What?!?!  Serious?!?!  This is a Puma store.  Hello!  People want shoes too.  An associate said, "Can I help you?"  I replied, "Well, obviously not because you only have 10 pair of shoes.  Macy's, downstairs, has more shoes than you!"  (See...I wasn't in a happy mood...)

Although I was in a horrible mood, I did have a wonderful time.  Even if no one could tell.  hahaha.  Below are some pictures!  Enjoy.  You Live, You Learn.


  1. I went to the aquarium before the Britney Spears concert in was a Thursday afternoon and hardly anyone was there! You are totally right about not going on a Saturday--it would've been awful! It was so fun without the big crowd because you could stand and take pictures right at the glass for as long as you want! And I got some pretty awesome pictures, too! It was a little scary for me though--knowing that all that separated me from a watery grave or being fish food was some fingerprint-smudged glass. I'm sorry that you didn't have a good time...I tried to enjoy the mall, but I got reprimanded at the Louis Vuitton store for touching the merchandise! But then a lady in the Chanel department in Norstrom's made me feel better--I told her I was just looking, and she said, "Touch, touch!" Regardless, I did no more touching.

  2. Tat--Oh, I wish there hadn't of been a huge crowd. Yes, I got the same feeling every now and then about.. "what if this water just collapses..." LOVE your mall story!

    Hope everything is well with ya!