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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Louie's New Obsession

Louie has a new obsession...belly breathing.  (Mine, not his...)  This is how his new obsession works: he yips to get my attention, he yips again, I pick him up, he yips again, I walk towards the couch and sit down, he yips again, I lay down (or is it lie down...?), he then crawls on top of my belly, flips over on his back, and just lays (or is it lies?) there on his back...on my belly...him moving up when I breath in...him moving down when I breath out.  He gets a kick out of this.  Me?  I get a headache.  First, I get restless because he doesn't want me to move at all to mess up his fun moment.  Second, he doesn't want me to even hold the remote and change the channel on the tv because this means my attention is not fully directed towards him.  Third, I get a headache for laying (or is it lying?) on the couch because the couch is made of down-feathers, and I am allergic to down... (At the time of the purchasing of the couch, I didn't know about this allergy.) So, I can't be on the couch for long periods of time.  I can normally handle an hour...sometimes two hours on the couch.  (I know what you are thinking...Why does he still have that couch if he is allergic to it?  Well, I don't really know what other kind of couch I want.  Also, the only time I sit on the couch is right before I go to bed to watch my shows.)

    Just because I can handle an hour or two hours on the couch doesn't mean I want to be on the couch with Louie on my belly.  Then, Prada will come in the living room and want up on the couch.  This makes Louie bark at her because he is still having fun and she is in the process of messing that up.  Of course, I pick Prada up and put her on the couch because I don't want to damage her psychologically and to also show Louie that it's not all about him.  After I pick Prada up, she immediately wants to jump up on my shoulder to give me a kiss thanking me for picking her up.  This show of affection, makes Louie jealous.  So, he will jump up on my other shoulder and give me a kiss.  This leads Prada to thinking it's a she will lick me again.  (Just for everyone to know...I hate being licked.)  Louie, as a last resort, will walk on the back of the couch to my other shoulder and push Prada off.  He will then walk across my shoulders/collarbone so that his back legs are on one shoulder, his front legs are on my other shoulder, and his body is all up in my face making it hard for me to breathe.  Ugh, oh the joys.  You Live, You Learn.


  1. People "lie" down, inanimate objects "lay". Examples: "I would like to lie down," and "Lay that book on the table." But then it gets confusing because "lie" becomes "lay" in the past tense. It's "I lie down, Yesterday I lay down, I have lain down before." For "lay" its "I lay the book down, Yesterday I laid the book down, I have laid the book down before." I'm not sure about dogs...I would assume they would "lie" also because they aren't inanimate. I'm not crazy, I'm just so proud that I got to demonstrate my Troy U. journalism education...

  2. Tat's Life--THANK YOU! I always get those messed up. You're not gonna charge me for my "English Lesson"... are you?
    LOVE it!