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Monday, May 11, 2009

Plant Killer...

I think my plants hate me.  Remember, I planted some strawberries, lettuce, and some tomatoes?  Well...  The tomatoes are still just a green stalk.  No sign of a tomato.  It hasn't made a difference if they were potted in a planter or in the topsy turvy container.  Which I suppose is fine since I don't really like tomatoes, but I was looking forward to some really good salsa.  The strawberries aren't making strawberries.  A couple of strawberries started popping out, but I don't know where they are anymore.  I don't know if they died, or if Prada or Louie ate them.  My lettuce, ugh my lettuce.  The high hopes I had for them.  Well, the package said to thin them out when a few leaves started sprouting.  Well, for the longest there were only two leaves on each "stalk"...that's not a "few." So, I waited a little longer.  Well, now I have waited way to long.  They are about six or eight inches tall, but they are all intertwined.  And, baby lettuce is so soft that when I go to try to un-intertwine them, they resist.  They are so soft they act sticky or something.  So, instead of separating them out what really happens is that they break off in your hands.  Well, two weeks ago I had the bright idea to just cut the intertwined baby lettuce and make a salad.  My intentions were that this would allow the lettuce to grow back and then I could immediately thin it out.  Well, the lettuce has refused to resurface.  
I'm so glad I wasn't relying on these plants to be my only food source.  Man, would I be starved by now.  It's just so much easier to just go to the market and buy them.  At least then I will get to immediately eat them.  I've still have had to buy strawberries and lettuce because mine just aren't/weren't producing.  I know a garden is suppose to take some time to grow, but that is why I bought tomatoes and strawberries already grown.  Only my lettuce was from seeds.  I just don't know.  I don't know if I am sad because my plants didn't produce or if it's because I spent time on trying to make them produce and apparently that was time wasted.  On a bright-side...I suppose I can use those containers for flowers now...  You Live, You Learn.  


  1. Oh you poor dear!!! Maybe it is the climate???
    It is so difficult to grow anything in the region!!
    On a side note .... I guess there is a reason many of us do not become farmers .... errrrgh!

  2. Christine--I don't know what the problem is :(
    Yes, there is a reason why I am not a farmer hahaha
    Hope you're having a great day!

  3. I don't know anything about growing vegetables, but I did grow strawberries when I was little. The freaking birds would eat them all, and if the birds didn't get them, then slugs would! Ugh! Growing food after that was just too hard, so I stuck with flowers.

  4. Tat's Life--I'm done with them!!!! hahahaha. I think I will just stick to flowers too.

  5. Strawberries aren't the easiest fruit/veg to grow. Tomatoes are also a bit finicky because of temperature requirements (night time low in the 70s and day time highs in the 80s+) for blossoming which isn't something you can control too well. Lettuce is generally easy if you're growing baby lettuce. Just go out with a pair of scissors and snip some for a salad once they're big enough. I didn't bother thinning with my last crop.

    Don't give up on growing fruit/veg! Pole beans, zucchini, peppers, kohlrabi, asparagus, and others are easy. Try some jalapeno or tobasco peppers and see how those do. I think the plants themselves are attractive with pretty little flowers, and they're not too fussy - they just needs loads of sun. Just tie the pepper vines to a stake as it grows.

    Alternatively, you could grow some prickly pears since the pads and fruit are edible, and I can't think of anything easier than a prickly pear so long as the soil is sandy/rocky which is easy enough to control in a large pot. Plus it's very architectural and generally attractive.

  6. NotSoAngryRedhead--Strawberries are def not the easiest thing to grow. Peppers would be very colorful and fun! A prickly pear sounds fun too. I will look into this...