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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Save our chairs's time to save our chairs.  We save the whales, we save the's time to save the chairs too.  Chairs are under a lot of strain.  Many have even died after too much weight has been added on top of them.  It's time to stop this cruel and unusual punishment.  Give chairs the right to live.  SAVE OUR CHAIRS!!!

I'm starting this campaign because I hear the silent cries coming from chairs when I sit down.  It's time to drop a few pounds and let our chairs live "happily ever after."  

Don't be selfish.  Chairs need love too.  Wooden chairs, metal chairs, fabric and leather upholstered chairs...don't discriminate.  Don't hate. the "Save Our Chairs" campaign.

Detailed information:
  • The first "Save Our Chairs" campaign starts June 1 and ends June 30. (2009)
  • The goal of "Save Our Chairs" is to lose 10 pounds during the campaign.  (2 pound per week)
  • To sign up, simply leave a comment stating your weight, height, and your weight loss goal for the campaign.
  • If you would like to participate anonymously: type your comment then click "comment anonymously" then click on "post comment."
  • Each Monday there will be a blog post about the "Save our Chairs" campaign where you can leave a comment letting everyone know your progress.  

PS...Let me know what you think about my poster too.


  1. Starting: 192
    Height: 6'0
    Goal: 10 pounds

  2. Your poster is awesome, and so is this idea! I think that my office chair is ok with the weight I put on it each day. However, I don't think he's happy with the fact that I never move for long periods of time, and also that I sit in the same place day after day. I can't help but wonder how he feels about the giant butt prints that are now tatooed in his lap. (I'm going to assume that where I sit is his lap and not his face, because I don't want to go there...besides, a chairs face would be where we lean back on, right?) He suffers in silence.

  3. Tat--Yes, you're office chair is def fine with the weight. However, the fact that your chair is in one place for long periods of time and only sees the same thing everyday...this has me worried. You are correct that you are sitting on your chair's lap. Stop his suffering...take him for a walk/roll on your water breaks!

  4. Facebook comments about this post:
    Allison-- "I Love your poster"
    Amber--"You, my friend, are hilarious! and creative ;)"


  5. Oh, I also wanted to say that I just googled that picture. I didn't take it and in no way am I taking credit for it.

    I did make the poster though and added the googled picture to it.