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Friday, February 27, 2009

Ten Degrees...

Well, Washington DC was extremely cold!  I don't do cold.  I prefer the temperature to be at 80 or above.  However, every day it was 20 - 34 degrees, but throw in the 20 mph winds and I was dealing with 10 - 20 degrees.  It was too cold.  Although it was cold, a boy's got to eat!  I decided to eat at McCormick and Schmidt.  (I really like this restaurant.)  It was only 4 blocks from the hotel, so I thought that I could brave it.  I stepped outside and almost whistled for a cab!  After one block, I thought I was literally going to freeze to death.  It felt like needles were poking me all over my face.  I had a brillant idea though.  I took my scarf and wound it ALL around my head and tied it in a knot with slits for my eyes.  (The restaurant probably thought they were about to be robbed.)  My tilapia was so good.  I'm glad I braved it.  I knew that going back would be easier because the wind should be at my back...this was not the case.  So, I wound the scarf ALL over my head again and trekked back to the hotel. 
The hotel that I stayed at was the Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center Hotel.  It is located in a brand new city that just received a zip code called National Harbour.  It is just across the water from DC and Alexandria, VA.  If you mapquest it, you won't find it...yet.  If you are looking for a VERY nice hotel with a unique environment, then you should stay there.  Google Gaylord National Harbor and check out the pictures on their website.  I don't know how to describe it.   
Hope, Prada, and Louie were so excited when I got home!  (Flew back on Wednesday) They ran all over the place barking and barking and barking.  Prada and Louie tried climbing up my legs but kept falling off, so I bent down and picked them up.  They had a surprise for me...kisses haha.  After my kisses, they wanted down so they could investigate my luggage.  After the luggage passed their investigation, they started back barking and running and trying to climb up my legs.  Needless to say, I had to just lie down in the floor and let them jump all over me. 
Louie is back jumping at my feet today to get up here and see what I am doing.  He has got to where he is very curious of my laptop.  Prada absolutely LOVES my laptop.  She is mesmerized by the bright screen and the key strokes.  She gets so excited that I have to let her type every-now-and-then.  I don't know what she is trying to type, but she loves hearing the key stokes.  Louie, however, isn't that excited.  He just likes to sniff it.  (He got really close to the webcam today.) 
<<Tornado Warning--got to get everyone in their safe place.>>
<<While there is a break in the weather, I am going to try to hurry and finish this blog.>>
The weather is crazy here.  (Baseball sized hail in some places.)  All day today and tonight there have been tornado warnings.  Prada and Louie are so confused.  I keep telling them to get in their travel crate, just to take them to the bathroom. Then the tornado warning will pass, and I will let them out.  The siren will go off again, and the drill starts all over again.  I think Hope is really confused too.
Today and tomorrow there should be severe weather like this all day long with a high in the upper 60s - lower 70s. And then, on Sunday there should be snow with temps in the 20s - 40s?!?!  But then be back in the 60s on Monday?!?! (If it's gonna snow in Alabama, it's gonna snow in March.  Why? I don't know, but it only really happens in March.)  The weather is ALWAYS crazy around my birthday.   You never know what to expect.  However, I'm going on a birthday trip to New Orleans and fly out on Sunday...hope the weather permits.  I'll do another blog about my New Orleans trip tomorrow.  Until then, I'll be in the bathroom with Hope, Prada, and Louie waiting out the storms.  You Live, You Learn. 

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