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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Terrible Twos...

Okay okay. So, technically Prada and Louie are fresh three year olds, but Prada reverted back to the terrible twos yesterday. I was trying to cook dinner (don’t worry it was a boxed meal--so I was really just warming it up) when I heard someone eating Hope’s food. (Hope’s food is in the laundry room which is near the kitchen.) I knew it wasn’t Hope because she is always faithful in my cooking escapades and was standing right beside me. She likes to live dangerously, I suppose. I tip-toe through the kitchen and find guess who...Prada.
I said, “Prada...” She lifted her face out of the food bowl and looked at me. “No...” I guess she thought I said to eat more because she started eating more and faster. I said, “Prada, No.” She stopped and looked at me. While I had her full attention, I said “Prada...No.” She then threw a temper tantrum!!! She commenced to barking to the top of her lungs, shaking her head back and forth like she was saying no, and when she was finished.....she did it all over again.
I was torn between laughing because she was acting like a two-year old kid or telling her “Oh no you didn’t missy.” I decided to just think these thoughts in my head and to just let her get all of that energy out of her system. After all of that energy didn’t go away after a little bit, I again said “Prada...No.” She stopped her tantrum but gave me that “Go to you-know-where look.”
I told her that she didn’t need to be eating Hope’s food and Louie’s food and her food. Her food was plenty for her. I also told her that Hope’s food is a low-fat dog food and she needed her dog food because she needed fat to help her “medicine” work. (I still haven’t told her it’s a diet pill.) She looked down at the food, then up at me, then down at the food, then up at me, then down at the food, then up at me. I walked over to Hope’s food bowl and saw why she kept looking at me. There were only three more pieces in the dog bowl meaning she had eaten basically all of it. I decided to give up. I had already lost the fight. So I said, “Go ahead and eat the last three pieces.” She eagerly ate them and looked up at me with a smile. You Live, You Learn.

Today Dr. Feel is getting his water bowl cleaned out. He really doesn’t like this process, but he always likes the clean water. When he has clean water he swims and swims and swims. When his water gets just a little bit dirty, he stops swimming to let me know it’s time to change the water so he can party again.
The Vet called yesterday. I was assuming she was calling to ask how Prada was doing on the diet pills. To my surprise, the phone call was about Hope. She said that some tests had come back and that Hope’s kidney levels were elevated which means her kidneys aren’t performing in tip-top shape. So, I have to start her on a different diet and medication to help her kidneys.
Louie is still being Louie. He thinks that ALL of the bones in the house are his and that no one else can play with them, lick them, or even look at them. Even if Hope looks his way, he starts barking and growling. I mean, come on Louie, she’s a little blind. She doesn’t know what she’s looking at.
I leave on a business trip to Washington, DC tomorrow. So, any updates that I do will probably be really short because I’m just taking my phone and not my computer. Don’t worry though. The three dogs and a fish are in excellent hands!

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