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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1.4 pounds...

Yesterday was Vet check-up day. Once Prada and Louie saw the travel crate, they became extremely excited. Louie even peed a little. They dashed into their crate knowing that soon they would be soaking up the sun! So excited that they waited in the crate for over an hour (even though the door was open and they weren’t going anywhere for awhile). To their surprise, the beach wasn’t the destination...the Vet was.
Hope had a wonderful check-up! We found out that she can see a little bit out of her right eye! Just a little bit though. The Vet said she can see better in the dark or in dimly lit rooms due to her cataracts. The Vet also said that I need to continue with her eye drops since her eyes have a tendency to dry out. I bent down and petted Hope and told her she was a good girl. The next thing I heard was “I guess I scared the p*ss out of you.”
While I was petting Hope, the Vet picked up Louie to start his check-up. He immediately started peeing all over the place. All over the travel crate, all over Prada, all over the examination table, all over himself, and all over the Vet. (Doesn’t he know that this is only going to lead to another bath...) The Vet had to check for intestinal parasites, and Louie looked at her as she prepared to check him as if to say “You’re gonna stick that where?!?!” But other than that, he was great.
Prada, Prada, Prada...The Vet was not happy with her weight. She had recommended some weight control dog food for her during the last visit. However, I think it tasted too good because she would eat her food and then sneak around and gulp down Louie’s and Hope’s hoping that no one would notice. (I mean, she’s the only one that’s getting carpet burn on her belly.) In the past, I have tried to talk to her about her weight, but she would always look away or walk away as I was talking to her. Since canine stomach stapling is out of the question, the Vet guessed it...a diet pill. Prada has until March 16 to lose 1.4 pounds.
So, here are two BEFORE picture (I had to squeeze her into her Christmas sweater for the picture, but I told her that her bones had just gotten bigger...), and in a few weeks we will take an AFTER picture. (Oh, also, I told her the picture was for an America’s Next Top Model audition and not a potential weight loss success story. So, don’t tell her any different.)

The diet pill (Slentrol) is actually a liquid. The most common side effect is vomiting. Ugh. A few dogs may develop diarrhea, seem unusually tired, or completely stop eating. These side effects should not last longer than two days. I feel so bad for her because I can’t talk to her to tell her that she’s not going to be feeling well for a couple days. I feel horrible that she is going to be sick and not know why. I just wonder what she’s going to be thinking. You Live, You Learn.


  1. Poor little girl Prada! Her parents should take better care of her than to let her get overweight and have to be put on diet pills. Is there a DHR for dogs that I need to report you too? Just kidding. Hope she looses her 1.4 pounds by the time she goes back to see the doctor.
    Oh yeah - did Louie have to have another bath - glad to know you missed getting peed on - now that would have been funny stuff!!!!

  2. Hahaha. I do try to restrict her diet, but she is sneaky! I hope she can lose the 1.4 pounds before the next visit too. I'm sure that extra weight is not good on her joints.
    Louie did have to have a quick bath/rub down. Bless him.