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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Someone's in the kitchen...

I had been watching Food Network and decided to try my hand at cooking, again. My other attempts haven’t been too successful. I went to the kitchen and started looking for a pan. The dogs came running in and immediately stopped and stared at me. They must be remembering the last time I tried to cook. It resulted in a grease fire, but it’s all good because nothing burned down. After I found a frying pan, the dogs took off running to their bed, trying to avoid danger I suppose. They’re so supportive. Everyone but Hope, the blind and deaf one. Seeing them run away made me realize that I needed to be calm, cool, and I made a margarita first haha.

I decided to act like I was on “Chopped” (a show on Food Network where participants receive a basket with ingredients in it that they have to use to create a fabulous meal). So, with Hope by my side, I went to the fridge and grabbed some pork chops and carrots. Then, off to the pantry. I opened it up and grabbed the first can that I saw, butter beans. I was ready for my challenge.

I decided to fry my pork chops. (I needed to get over my fear of starting another grease fire.) The grease was hot, so I SLOWLY put the pork chops in and the sizzling began. They looked so plain sitting there, so I opened up the spice cabinet and grabbed some bay leaves. I don’t know what they are really for, but they smelled good, and I was overly confident from watching chef after chef cooking effortlessly on Food Network. So, I put one bay leaf on the small one and two on the bigger one. Once that got going, I started cooking, or reheating, or whatever you do to a can filled with butter beans.

I cooked the chops for eight minutes on each side, but they didn’t look done. So, I cooked them for ten more minutes on each side. They still weren’t brown, crispy, and flakey! So, I cooked them for ten more minutes on each side. Still not crispy looking like Fried Chicken. So, yet again, I cooked them for ten more minutes on each side. These pork chops have been cooking for an hour and sixteen minutes..... I decided to get online real quick and see what I was doing wrong. Well, I found my answer. My pork chops weren’t going to turn brown, crispy, and flakey because I didn’t bread them to make them brown, crispy, and flakey. Who knew?!

Although, I didn’t bread my chops, some parts of them were brown, crispy, and flakey. They were a little tough and a little dry, but other than that they were GREAT! The butter beans and carrots were very good too. I think if I were on the show “Chopped”...I would have been chopped. Oh well. You live, you learn.


  1. Oh my! I actually laughed out loud for like minutes! That was too funny! I often times let "Top Chef" get me overconfident in my cooking ability!! This was a great blog!

  2. Oh my! I lauged aloud for like 5 minutes while reading this... how funny!

  3. You make me so tired....but I love you..


  4. I just read your blog. I tried to control my laughter at the cooking - it brought tears to my eyes! You are so funny!!! Yes, to fry pork chops or chicken - here's a little hint. Let them soak in buttermilk for about 30 minutes (the whole pork chop or piece of chicken or chicken tenders need to be submerged in buttermilk). Then take them out and flop them around or roll them around in flour (add a little salt and pepper to the flour prior to putting the meat in) and then fry them up.

    I love that you fried them for an hour and 16 minutes - I am more surprised that you did not run out of grease???????

    Too funny -thanks for starting my day off with a laugh.

  5. Hey Adam, I just looked thru your blog, great job with the detail (and I noticed the healthy plate you created, ha!) oh yeah, and the drink along with it…I always drink when I make dinner (at least not at breakfast and lunch!).

  6. Only you would write a blog and use the color of an object to symbolize it. I guess we all know you like the original margarita (green one that is) over any other.