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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I need your thoughts...

Yesterday, after a media event and meetings, a co-worker and I stopped real quick into Petland to look at some dogs.  (She is thinking about getting a dog for her daughters.) There was a French Bulldog there that I just HAD to play with.  

I have been thinking that if anything happened to Hope, would I get another dog or not?  I had decided that if I did get another dog it would be a French Bulldog.  I have been specifically looking for an all white (maybe 1 black spot) female.  I had read that a female Frenchie may be more likely to cooperate with your exciting pets than a male Frenchie.  

The French Bulldog was perfect...all white, no black spots, energetic...but she was a he.  So, I was a little disappointed, but still I wanted to play with him.  Boy is he FULL of energy!!!!!! (Lots and lots of energy.) He is definitely in a chewing phase because he wanted to gnaw my hands, fingers, wrists, shirt, ears, glasses, cell phone, tennis shoes, pants leg...everything.  I think he has so much energy because he is cooped up all day and only gets out when someone wants to pet him.  Hopefully, his energy will calm down a little bit once he can run around more freely.  Or, Louie and Prada will be chewing toys!!!

Needless to say, the energetic French Bulldog is still at Petland.  I had a wonderful visit with him though.  I don't know exactly what I should do about him.  There aren't really any French Bulldog breeders close by, so it was looking like I was going to have to do some major research because it looked like I was going to have to buy one online.  I really want to be able to interact with a dog before purchasing, so the Petland Frenchie meeting was great!  He is definitely full of energy and not a sick puppy!

When I got home Louie went berserk! He obviously smelled the Frenchie on me.  He wanted me to hold him all night long...while he sniffed me... ugh. I know that there will be an adjustment period (if I get a new dog), but I hope that Louie and Prada are willing to cooperate.  Prada was wanting to sniff me the whole night too.  

Do you have any thoughts?

You Live, You Learn

He has half of a treat bone in his mouth and the other half is by his feet.  So funny. LOVE his expression.


  1. Please don't buy a dog from Petland. Learn about puppy mills before you buy a dog from an Internet breeder or any dogstore.
    Best wishes,

  2. I don't own dogs, so I really don't have any advice for you. I just wanted to say how FREAKIN' CUTE that puppy is!!! I bet you are having a hard time letting him stay at Petland!

  3. Tat-- He is so freakin' cute. It is hard to leave him there, but I already have 3 dogs and yes mine are small but I don't want to be known as The Crazy Dog Guy.... ya know.

  4. Frog Princess--I definitely don't want to support puppy mills or to get a dog that will become sick and have major problems. There were definitely going to be a lot questions that I was going to ask Petland (which included information on the breeder and contacting the breeder, reviewing that breeder, and contacting the Attorney General to see how many complaints had been filed.)
    I will definitely keep the French Bulldog Rescue in mind (I had looked that their site and saw a few that I thought were just adorable! But, the ones I liked didn't do well with other dogs) :(

  5. Adam - Seriously, don't buy a dog from any pet store. Responsible breeders don't sell dogs to just anyone with the money - they make sure their dogs are going to good homes and make you sign a contract. Pet stores don't care so long as you have the money. What's really sad is that the best time to get a purebred puppy is just after Christmas - go to the animal shelter, and you'll have loads to choose from. I've done quite a lot of research on this, and every single bone in my body knows that buying dogs and cats from pet stores is wrong. The only way to stop it is to not buy the dogs and to spread the word. Also, responsible breeders would NEVER sell their dogs to a pet store.

    If you would like to buy a purebred from a good breeder, check out dog competitions and get in touch with people who compete with their bitches and dogs. You can get on their wait list for their next litter, and you should get a guarantee and all that. Do a little bit of reading to find out what makes a breeder "good". I have absolutely no problem with responsible breeders who do it for the love of the breed, and I have no problem with people wanting a specific breed. It's only pet stores and puppy mills that I have a problem with.

    Also, set your sights a little wider with the rescues. Some rescues will allow you to purchase a plane ticket for the dog you want to adopt, and that's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying from PetLand or a breeder. Traveling yourself would also be cheaper. Just something to consider.

    Finally, I already have the reputation of being the crazy pet person with 2 small dogs and 3 cats. Right now, the next animal I would adopt would be an old medium-large breed dog who'd just lounge on the couch and tell my little dogs to scram and behave themselves. I love old man/lady dogs. They're so precious.

    Anyway! GOOD LUCK!