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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This morning I went for a very brief jog.  Maybe I shouldn't have...  I was on the phone (so at this point I was walking) when it came out of no where! I heard someone coming up behind me so I moved over to the edge of the sidewalk so he could pass.  All of a sudden a spider the size of a kitten jumped up out of the grass and onto my ankle.  I immediately held my breath and prayed to God.  I didn't want the person on the phone to think I was crazy (because I wanted to scream like a little girl), or the guy coming up behind me to think I was crazy (because I wanted to scream like a little girl AND jump around kicking and shaking).  I immediately stopped and moved my left leg towards my right leg (the one with the spider on it) to try to scare him...well it worked.  (But not like I wanted it too...)  He ran UP my leg to my knee! (I am shivering just thinking about it.)  I did a little jig and the kitty-sized spider finally jumped off.  I'm beginning to re-think this jogging thing.  You Live, You Learn.


  1. I thought that "Frog" was awesome, but "Spider" was hilarious. What animal/insect/arachnid is next?

  2. Tat--Yes, "Frog" was me being "blonde" haha. But, "Spider" ummm nope not hilarious! I don't like spiders!!!
    I hope there isn't a next... but if there is, I will def write about it