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Monday, June 15, 2009

Which watch?

Okay people! I need your help deciding which watch to get. The options are very futuristic, which I LOVE. They are very unique. I have been contemplating which one to get but I just can't decide. So... I need help! Below are the watches/descriptions. Comment to let me know which one! Thanks. (Click on the Contestant to see the watch.)

Contestant Number 1--Nooka Zub Zot GG 38 (Grey)
I LOVE it because it's different. I like the bubbles that represent the hours. I like the straight lines too. This version really doesn't have a lot of color options, so I chose grey. I would prefer white but reviewers have said it gets dirty and doesn't come clean. So, a grey one would be close to white and hide dirt. I could wear this one to work, out on the town, and jogging/exercising. It seems very versatile. This is the most expensive.

Contestant Number 2--Nooka Zub Zot YL 20 (Yellow)
I LOVE it because it's so similar to Contestant Number 1 but with more color choices. Again, I like the bubbles. Although this version has more color options, it doesn't have the straight lines of the wrist part. It's not a deal breaker though, but it does make it look more like other watches. I LOVE that it's bright because that would make me want to wear it! I could definitely wear it out on the town and jogging/exercising. I could even wear it to work. It might not be business-like but it definitely shows style and personality. This is $10 cheaper than Contestant Number 1.

Contestant Number 3--Tokyoflash Fire
I LOVE it because it is so futuristic. I haven't seen anyone with this. It's "so 3008, and everyone else is so 2000 and late." It's not any harder to tell time than the other watches. It doesn't always show the time. You have to press a button to show the time. I kinda like that because it shows time with LED lights and that would be bright all the time. Also, when it's not showing the time it looks so cool on the wrist. It looks like a speaker or something. I also love the silver and the LED colors. I could wear it to work, out on the town, and jogging/exercising. This is $50 cheaper than Contestant Number. In the price department, this is definitely in the lead.


  1. Contestant #3 for sure! And it's the cheapest ;)

  2. I say either the 1st or the 3rd. I don't like the color yellow.

  3. Go with #1... seems more classic... if a futuristic watch can be classic?

  4. I vote for number 1, because it was easier for me to see what time it was on the Nooka watches. I like the little dots. I would have a hard time with the third watch. Also, between the two Nooka watches, I would still choose number 1, because I like that it's all one width.