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Monday, June 8, 2009

Save Our Chairs

Save Our Chairs campaign
End of week 1

Last week I decided to focus on physical activity instead of nutrition to help me towards the goal of losing 2 pounds per week.  I decided to pick back up jogging.  I have been dabbling in it again for a little while now, but decided to commit to it like I used to.  To try to progress back up to a true jog, my game plan this week has been to walk for 1 song and jog for 1 song.  I figured this way at least I would know that there was an end in sight by knowing when the song was getting ready to end!  (You really realize just how long a song is...)

This game plan has worked out pretty good.  I even would jog for 2 or 3 songs in a row.  I have been feeling very good about my new schedule and have been looking forward to my walk/jog.  After stepping on the scale today and seeing that I was only 1 pound lighter...that was a little disappointment.  However, I know that it's faster to gain than to lose (only when dealing with weight...), so I wasn't too disappointed.  And, a pound lost is a pound lost.  Also, my legs have gotten a little tighter to.  So, I suppose it all works out. 

Walking/jogging makes me feel good, and I look forward to it.  To me, it's not a total lost.  I also know that maybe if I continue, more weight with fall off, and if I would change nutrition it would come off a little faster too.  I don't eat horrible, but it could be better.  I think I'm still going to focus on physical activity this week and see what happens with that.  

Leave a comment and let me know how you have done this first week!  Remember, it's only the first week!

Being fit isn't just about physical activity or nutrition, it's about a lifestyle.  A healthier lifestyle.

You Live, You Learn.


  1. I'm not sure how I did last week (i just realized its the second week already... but oh well) didn't get on the scale last week so this is my first week... but yesterday and today I did start back on the elliptical and doing the dvd ab workout :) -i prefer to walk outside, but hubby doesn't like to walk/jog and i may get kidnapped like a lady did the other day on the other side of ATL... so i elliptical it- although it seems like after having a baby, its even that much harder to loose weight! but if nothing else my legs will look better :)

  2. A. Chancey-- Don't worry about being late. No worries. This isn't a strict program. It's join whenever you can! I prefer being outside too. I get so bored on the elliptical even with music, tv, movies, looking out the window, or trying to dance while elliptical-ing. That is CRAZY and SAD about the lady that got kidnapped!
    love.peace.happiness...we need to live it every day.