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Monday, June 29, 2009

Save Our Chairs

Well, this is the last post for the current Save Our Chairs campaign. I hope that you have been doing a great job. If you haven't, sometimes it's the thought that counts. Just keep that thought in mind and put it into action later on. Remember, small changes add up.

This week, I continued with my walk/jog, but didn't do it to my fullest extent. Also, I had a friend come and stay with me the weekend and decided to take a few days off from my walk/jog. I was extremely nervous of what the scale was going to say when I hopped on. So, I got the scale out and put one foot on...then reluctantly put the other foot on it. After a few seconds, I looked down to see what the damage was. To my utter amazement, I had lost more weight! I immediately jumped off and jumped back on to make sure the reading was going to be the same. Sure enough, it was. I had met my goal for the month. I had lost 10 pounds!! I started out at 194 and ended with 184.

I would preferably like to lose 5 more pounds so that I will be in the 170s. I am also about to start back working out to get my body a little leaner. I'm going to do P90X to help get myself in tip-top-shape...hopefully. Don't worry, I won't leave you out of this endeavor. You will be there all the pain!!! You Live, You Learn.

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